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7 Summer fashion rules

As the hot summer months approach, don’t put your fashion sense on the back burner.

Woman wearing a tank top

Lani Rosenstock, style consultant based out of New York and Washington D.C., stresses that tiny mistakes, like exposed bra straps and ill-fitting outfits, can quickly turn fashion dos into fashion don’ts. So don’t forget these style tips.

Get your whites whiter

White tanks and tees should be bought fresh every season, as they can become yellowed and stained, especially during the sweaty months. “One spot can turn an outfit into a fashion don’t,” says Rosenstock, who recommends the inexpensive versions from Old Navy and J. Crew.

Choose nude hued undergarments

Some women think they should wear white under white and other semi-sheer fabrics. But skin-toned underwear is what really keeps your undergarments undercover. If you are having a hard time finding the right shade for your skin tone, Rosenstock suggests trying My Skins, which sells lingerie in 20 skin-matching colors.

No flip-flops in the office

“I respect everyone’s right to be cool and comfortable, but really, flip-flops should stop at the office door,” Rosenstock says. Even if you are just sitting at your desk, flip-flops convey an unprofessional image. Instead, she suggests investing in a comfortable pair of sandals from Naturalizer or Aerosoles.

No more straps

Exposed bra straps are never in style, so take the time to find the right bra for your outfit. Many summer dresses are backless, strapless or otherwise “bra-challenging.” Find a good convertible bra that you can wear as a strapless, halter, racerback or one-shouldered.

No more nipples

Don’t be caught exposing more than you intend to when the air conditioning kicks on at the office or a cool breeze rolls in at the park. Rosenstock suggests keeping a nicely tailored, neutral cardigan in the office to throw on before you go meet the boss and investing in a lightly lined T-shirt bra. You can also use products such as Hollywood Fashion CoverUps, made specifically for this problem.

Airbrush legsSay no to pantyhose

Pantyhose and open-toed shoes are a match made in fashion hell. If you insist on wearing pantyhose to cover your legs, opt for toe-less hose. If you choose to go bare legged, Rosenstock’s favorite solution is a spray-on airbrush makeup like the one made by Sally Hansen, which the site says is like “spraying on pantyhose.”

Don’t use the heat as an excuse to over expose

Miniskirts, skimpy tops and dresses should be worn with care during the daylight hours, Rosenstock warns. “I’m always shocked by how many women are wearing such short skirts or revealing tops while walking down the street or going to work that they might as well be wearing a bikini,” she says.

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