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Summer essentials: Undergarments and accessories

Summer is a time for backless dresses, strappy sandals and sun-kissed faces. But it’s also a time for exposed bra straps, foot blisters and shiny foreheads. To avoid these fashion faux pas, New York/Washington D.C. style consultant Lani Rosenstock offers her list of favorite undergarments and other summer essentials.

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10 underthings to make your wardrobe work better

Double-stick tape

Summer attire opens the door to many sticky situations, like falling straps and hems. Luckily there’s Hollywood Fashion’s Red Carpet Assortment of double-stick tapes. The assortment comes with strips and shapes in all sizes so you can combat any potential fashion faux pas.

Blotting papers

Does the summer heat make you shiny? Don’t sweat it. The Sephora Blotting Film, which come in 50-sheet packs, provide just the solution. Keep in mind, many beauty brand names carry versions of blotting papers that will transform your dewy summer skin from shiny to sexy.

Backless bra

With so many styles of summer dresses, finding a bra that remains invisible under them can be nearly impossible. But you can find support in a backless and wireless underwire bra such as the Sassybax bra by Bare Necessities. The bra comes with silicone adhesive inside the top and bottom of the cups. Best of all, the adhesive lasts up to 50 wears. 

Foot cushions

Foot petals

With the warm weather comes more walking, dancing and general frolicking, so protect those feet with Foot Petals’ ball-of-foot cushions. The Silver Rose Tip Toes, which are virtually invisible in your shoes, help prevent calluses from forming, protect bones and tissue and cushion the sensitive area of your feet. Worn with hose, they prevent shoes from sliding. 

Blister block

Summer doesn’t have to take a toll on your feet. At least not with Band-Aid’s Active Friction Block Stick. The stick’s lubricated and invisible formula instantly reduces rubbing from your shoes that can cause blisters. It’s perfect for sandals or other open-toed shoes and all varieties of heels aand pumps.

Convertible bra

Another bra option for the summer’s versatile styles is the convertible bra, such as Le Mystere No. 9 by Bare Necessities. This seamless 3 in1, push-up bra converts to criss-cross, halter or strapless. What more versatility could you ask for during a recession?

T-shirt bra

Seamless T-shirt bras are a necessity for summer, as lacy numbers just look odd under T-shirts. The Le Mystere: Tisha T-Shirt bra by Bare Necessities offers smooth, seamless support. Skin-toned undergarments are always a better choice over white or colored, as they offer the least show through.

Nipple covers

Summer is a perfect time to expose more than usual, whether it’s by the pool or in the air-conditioned office. To make sure you don’t exposre more than you intend to,  Hollywood CoverUps are perfect under sheer tops, dresses and swimwear. Best of all, they can be reused 10 times or more. 

Foot cream

Take care of your feet just as meticulously as you would the rest of your body. After all, your feet are your foundation. Origin’s Step Lively energizing foot cream contains Mentha Piperita and wintergreen that will travel across the reflex points in your feet to channel energy through your body. Read more on pampering your feet for summer exposure here>>

Strappy foot strips

Tis the season to get married. Foot Petals’ strappy strips are especially good for bridesmaids and brides, as shoes can slip and ache all the way down the aisle. These thin strips prevent straps of any shoe from cutting, rubbing, or causing blisters or red marks.

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