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Mother’s Day Everyday campaign: Fighting maternal & newborn deaths

Mother’s Day Every Day

Despite the growing signs of progress in the fight to save the lives of thousands of mothers and newborns in developing nations, the need for greater access to life-saving interventions remains immense. The Mother’s Day Every Day Campaign for global maternal health calls for greater US leadership to accelerate progress toward safe and healthy pregnancy and childbirth globally.

“We know how to make pregnancy and child birth safe for all women. What we lack is the political will to make sure every mother has access to quality maternal healthcare,” says Dr. Helene Gayle, president and CEO of CARE.
“The maternal health programs that CARE and WRA support in some of the world’s poorest nations are crucial, but to stop the epidemic of maternal mortality we need US leadership.”

In the week leading up to Mother’s Day, The Huffington Post ran a series of article blogs by women, mothers and advocates who were willing to share their personal experiences regarding the issue of maternal mortality and speak as patrons of the cause. WRA’s most active and outspoken patron, facilitator and mother of two, Sarah Brown, wrote about many pending issues regarding maternal (and infant) health and mortality.

Through her poignant words and unyielding activism, Brown continues to inspire hundreds upon hundreds to speak out and act. The global patron’s words resonated from the dim glow of an overworked media station and encompassed the true heart of the matter at hand.

“We need to know how well we are doing on maternal mortality, or we won’t know how well we are doing in bringing real justice. More and more people and organizations seem to agree with this – ask the First Ladies, ask the hospital chiefs and midwives, the health ministers, the community leaders, the microfinance lenders… But especially ask the children. Ask the Children if they need their mothers.”

Register your support for the Mother’s Day Every Day Campaign at: in the US or at , which is the White Ribbon Alliance’s Campaign in the UK to register your support!

To become a member of WRA or for more information on the White Ribbon Alliance please visit: 

Photo — Sarah Brown, Naomi Campbell and the African First Ladies at the African First Ladies Summit in Los Angeles. (Photo credit to StefanoPaltera/Exon Mobil)

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