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An armchair tour of Italy


gelato gelato gelato!


As coffeeshops are to Seattle, Gelato is to Italy. Gelato is the Italian version of ice cream, and — truth be told — it puts most American ice creams to shame (and is lower in fat, too).

Although there are gelaterias on practically every block, all gelato isn’t created the same. Make sure the colors don’t look unnatural (look out for window or freezer signs saying “produzione propria” and “artigianale.” The first term means that the gelato was made on-site (and is, theoretically, fresh), while the second is an official term that means artisanal or homemade, meaning it’s made in the traditional way with natural ingredients. For a real taste of Italy, skip the chocolate or tiramisu gelato at least once, and go for the flavors featuring locally-grown fruits.

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