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An armchair tour of Italy


Roman Coliseum

You’ve seen it a thousand times in pictures — in movies and TV, on postcards and product packaging — but those images still can’t prepare you for the scope and beauty of the Roman Coliseum, or Colosseo, when you see it up close. Coliseum

An amazing feat of engineering and architecture both then and now, you can’t help but to wonder what the structure looked like when it was completed back in 80 AD, long before it was plundered for its marble and fell into disrepair. (Hey, they don’t call ’em ruins for nothing.)

While tourists are typically the ones most entranced by the former site of the gladiator “games” (which killed a reported half-million people — and twice as many animals — all in the name of sport), to most modern Romans, the Colosseo is just another thing to drive around as they go about their day.

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