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Tips for women motorcyclists

Before hitting the road on your motorcycle adventure, take a look at our checklist to make your ride as smooth as possible. These travel tips are helpful for any female motorcyclist.

Plan your route

Planning your route sounds easy enough, but the last thing you’re going to want is to get lost. Map out your route as closely as possible to avoid any mishaps along the way, and fill up on gas before heading out!


Read up on where you’re going

Once you have your plan, read reviews and information about your destination. Check out reviews online for safety (see if there are extra-tight turns, for example, or a lot of traffic). Bonus: You also might find a unique place to stop or eat, or a hidden treasure in an offbeat spot.


Call ahead

If you’re planning on meeting someone or staying overnight at a specific location, call ahead to let your contacts know approximately what time you will arrive. If you’re planning on staying at hotels along the way, check availability so you’re not searching for a place to spend the night at the last minute. And be sure to check in at any stops along the way to let your friends know your progress.


Get your bike tuned up

The last thing you want it is to be halfway to your destination only to get hung up with a mechanical problem. Before heading out on the road, take your bike in for a tuneup. All fluids should be topped up, brakes should be checked and everything else needs to be in tiptop shape. Your local Harley-Davidson dealer is a great place for this.


Invest in a GPS

Forget trying to fold those pesky paper maps! A GPS helps make traveling safer, more convenient and less stressful, even giving you redirected routes if you make a detour. It’s a surefire way to get where you need to go easily, without the worry of getting lost.


Don’t forget insurance

Just like a car, your bike needs up-to-date insurance. Check with your insurance company to see what specific insurance you need. If you’re renting a bike, asking for full insurance never hurts. Know where your paperwork is at all times.


Travel close to home

Rediscover spots near your home you may have overlooked before you began biking. It’s a good idea, safety-wise, plus it’s convenient. So get out there and explore your own state or one nearby — you’re certain to find a new hangout you’ll like.


Travel in groups

Make your road trip a girls’ getaway. The thrill of riding on the open road combined with the camaraderie of your closest friends — what could be a better way to spend the summer?

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