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Summer Maternity tops

As the weather quickly turns from the chilled air of early spring to the warm, breezy days of summer, don’t fret over fashion. Being pregnant is a fabulous time to pick up a few sexy, sweet or sassy tops to make your belly bump glow. Here are three maternity styles that will keep you trendy as you carry the little one.


Sometimes we just like to tell it how it is. These shirts will help you showcase cute messages as you prepare for the day your little one arrives. Though it’s nice to feel girly will cute ruffles and a bold fashion sense, every gal love a good t-shirt. These maternity tees will help you stand out on the days you don’t feel like putting the extra effort into your wardrobe.

women in cute maternity t-shirts

2  Chix Maternity Clothes

Forget fairy tales and magical worlds. These cute tees and their whimsical details with flutter sleeves and scrolly designs will surely appeal to your inner princess. These tees are a sweet way to pay homage to your growing belly bean.

women in cute maternity t-shirts

Cafe Press’s maternity tees

With the wide variety of styles, cuts, fits and fabrics available, the days of drab tent-wear are long gone for pregnant women. These tees with cute saying don’t require you to spent a lot of money and are garunteed to get you and your baby bump some compliments.

old navy maternity shirts for summerold navy maternity tanks for summer fashion

Old navy galore

If words aren’t your thing, gauzy printed nature tees from Old Navy let you say “whimsy” with sweet butterflies and floral prints. Also check out the banded crochet-trim maternity tanks from Old Navy. The crocheted neckline and fluttery sleeves add to the allure while the flowing fit will give you a slim appearance that still allows you show off your mommy-to-be belly.

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