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Top 10 International summer destinations

Nothing is quite like traveling in the summer. Everything seems brighter. People are nicer. And sometimes, cities just seem to come alive. So this year, if you have the opportunity, check out one of these hotspot summer destinations. They’re guaranteed to relax and thrill even the most finicky traveler.

CÃÆ'ƒÆ’ÃÆ'‚´te d'Azur, France

 1. Cote d’Azur, France

This glamorous destination, stretching from St. Tropez to Monaco, is home to the rich and famous, and is one of the most expensive locales in the world.
What to do: From taking in the sun to enjoying long nights at the casino or disco, something’s available for everyone. Be sure to check out the area’s amazing restaurants (especially for seafood).
Look out for: Inflated prices. Everything gets marked up in the summer — even water.

2. London, United Kingdom

London is at its best in the summer when sunny, dry days overtake the dank, gloomy days of spring.
What to do: Shop Chiswick or Notting Hill. Stop by one of the city’s many art and music festivals. Walk the city and take in the sites. Or have a traditional pint on a pub patio.
Look out for: Tourist traps. If you want to experience London, get off the beaten path.

3. Greek Islands, Greece

From Crete to Santorini, a trip to the Greek Islands is at its best in summer.
 What to do: Luxuriate outside. Sit in the sun. Pick olives from trees. Have a few glasses of wine. Hop on a sailboat. Swim. Cliff-jump.
Look out for: Hot temperatures and the scorching sun. Stay hydrated and wear sunscreen.

4. Zambia, Africa

This up-and-coming safari destination is best visited in the summer (when the weather is hot but dry, and tourist numbers are low).
What to do: Go on a safari. Sleep under the stars. Check out Victoria Falls. Canoe down Zambezi River.
Look out for: Mosquitoes. Talk to your doctor about anti-malaria medication before you go.

5. Trans-Siberian Rail

When the sun is bright and the weather is warm, this train journey is the best way to explore three mythical countries at once: Japan, China and Russia.
What to do: Hop on the train, sit back and watch the countryside pass by. Enjoy stopovers in small cities. Take day trips to big cities like Moscow or Beijing.
Look out for: Cramped quarters. Upgrade to a private room on the train.

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