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Spa getaways: Where to go, how to find deals and what you need to know

There are plenty of spas that cater to women and their relaxation needs. But which ones are the best? And how can you decrease your spa bill (so you can indulge a bit more frequently)? Read on to find out.

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The Best Spas in the US

With spas on every block, it can be hard to find one that’s top-notch. So below, we’ve outlined some of the consistently rated #1 spas in the US.

How to Find Deals

If you do your research, saving money on a spa trip is easy. Here are a few of our favorite budget-bulging tips.


1. Go off-day/off-season. If you venture to a spa during the week or in the winter, you’ll save mega-moola.
2. Go for a packaged deal. Spa-ing can be a fun solo activity, but by bringing your girlfriends along, you may get a better deal.
3. Be a frequent spa-er. To lure customers back, most spas have started to create frequent spa-er programs where you can earn credits (or dollars) toward a free treatment.
4. Use your email. Spas will usually email updates with current deals or discounts. Submit your email address and you may just find the deal you’ve been looking for.
5. Go for it all. If you buy 10 massages instead of one, you may save hundreds of dollars.
6. Let students learn. Sometimes you can save money by asking students, under the tutelage of their teacher, to give you a massage or manicure (instead of the most experienced esthetician).



What You Need to Know

There are a few rules any posh person should follow when they’re at the spa. Here are a few of them.


1. Ask questions

Instead of wandering into the men’s change-room (by accident, of course!) or acting awkwardly when the masseuse touches you in a certain place, ask questions about the spa itself and the services you’ve signed-up for.


2. Don’t eat too much

If you’re getting a massage, body wrap or even a skin treatment, eating too much before you go could cause bloating and discomfort. The rule of thumb? Eat at least two hours before you’re scheduled for a treatment.


3. Say something if you’re uncomfortable

Especially when you’re getting a massage, speak-up if something is bothering you or if something feels “too close for comfort.” It’s also important to say something if you feel pain (massages can seriously injure you if you’re not careful).


4. Reconsider shaving

If you’re going to be hopping in and out of saunas and steam baths, or are being treated with a wrap, don’t shave the day before you go (it will make your skin extra sensitive).


5. Keep quiet

The spa is supposed to be relaxing, so loud talking is frowned upon. So are cellphones. Leave them and your boisterous attitude in the locker-room.


6. Don’t pay attention to others around you

A spa is a place to focus on yourself and to energize your body. Instead of looking at what others are doing, or worrying about how you feel in your bathing suit, let yourself relax and enjoy the time you have off. It’s worth it.


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