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20 Must-see US destinations


Anchorage, AK

The largest state in the US, and sparsely populated, this year-round outdoor activity state is packed with wildlife (moose, sheep, bears and whales, to name a few) and opportunities for great adventure.
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New River Gorge

A rugged white water river, flowing northward through deep canyons, the New River is among the oldest rivers on the continent. The park encompasses over 70,000 acres of land and is rich in cultural and natural history.
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Charleston, SC

Home to Boone Hall Plantation and loaded with historical information surrounding southern life before the American Revolution, a trip to Charleston is a must for its cultural activities and arts.
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California State Route 1

For the death-defying driver, there’s nothing like State Route 1 in California. Stretching through San Francisco and Laguna, this route offers unparalleled views of the ocean and some of the steepest cliff-drops in the country (including the famed Devil’s Slide).
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Niagara Falls

This honeymoon capital is more than just a romantic wedding destination. It’s also home to one of the natural wonders of the world, as well as unique cultural activities (like museums, casinos and world-class restaurants).
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