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20 Must-see US destinations

New York City

New York City, NY

Take a bite out of the Big Apple (and the most populous city in the US) with a stay-over in either Manhattan or nearby Brooklyn. Watch a show on Broadway or skip down to Soho to discover the latest in fashion.
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Rocky Mountains

There’s nothing quite like visiting the Rockies (sprawled across Colorado, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming). The jaw-dropping beauty of the range is second only to the number of outdoor activities you can participate in (from boarding and skiing in the winter, to hiking and kayaking and horseback riding in the summer).
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Smithsonian Institute

Recognized the world over for its collection of museums (there are 19 of them!), zoos and research centers, the Smithsonian Institute (located in Washington, D.C.) is a must-stop for any history or science buff.
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Boston, MA

This cosmopolitan city offers a little something for everyone. There’s history (it’s one of the oldest cities in the US) and higher learning (it’s home to MIT and Harvard). And it’s home to some of the most unique shopping and restaurant districts in the country.
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New Mexico

Home to the highest percentage of Hispanics in the country, this state is the perfect place to indulge in some Spanish, Mexican and Native American culture.
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