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20 Must-see US destinations

Just because you’re on a budget, doesn’t mean you have to forgo a fun vacation. Instead, plan a road trip for you, your family or your friends to one of these must-see sites across the country.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV

From gambling to shopping, and fine dining to entertainment, Las Vegas is one of America’s most fascinating cities. Dubbed “The Entertainment Capital of the World,” this desert city has something to offer everyone.
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For a road trip full of spectacular views and changing landscapes, the I-75 is it. The major highway runs from the Canadian border in Michigan to Hialeah, Florida and can be driven (straight-through) in just over 24 hours.
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Maine Lobster Festival

The east coast serves-up some of this country’s best seafood. So head to Maine and watch the annual harvest happen. On top of taste-testing some great fish, you’ll get to indulge in some small town fun and some unique Acadian entertainment.
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Yellowstone Park

Who needs an African safari when you can visit Yellowstone Park? Home to hundreds of animal species including grizzly bears, bison and elk, America’s first national park is also home to Old Faithful and some of the world’s most unique geysers.
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Napa Valley, CA

For the wine-buff, a trip to Napa is a must. Visit family-owned wineries, chat about winemaking and indulge in some of the area’s fresh, local cuisine.
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