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Window washing for two


So, you say window washing is a boring chore. Why not make it a hot prelude to sex AND get the windows clean too!

Couple Looking Out Window


There’s nothing like crystal clear windows to brighten up the home and bring the outdoors in.  Hiring a window cleaner, however, is a treat that may need to go by the wayside in today’s economy. Here’s how to put more excitement into your next window washing experience.


Why not clean the windows yourself…with some help, of course!

Window washing is a sweaty, dirty job and not one we usually look forward to. With a little help from hubby or our significant other, we can make the windows sparkle and have some fun too. Let him tackle the outside while you clean the inside, keeping in mind who’s on the other side you can add in a little playful tease or two and shake of the booty too. Stretching for those high spots can be pretty provocative, as well. You get the idea!


Window washing supplies X 2

Squeegee (should fit in bucket)
Rubber gloves
Newspaper (B&W, not color)
A skimpy, hot outfit


Recipe: Window washing solution X 2

1-gallon hot water
2 cups white distilled vinegar
1/4 teaspoon liquid dish soap
Usually, the vinegar and hot water is sufficient. If, however, the previous window wash was with a commercial cleaning product, you may need the liquid dish soap to cut through the invisible waxy residue. Don’t use too much liquid soap or the windows will streak.


Before you start

Bring the kids to Grandma or the sitter for a little playtime. Recruit your helper. Maybe you want him to know where the last step of the process will lead, since there’s nothing wrong with a little healthy anticipation. Or maybe you’d like to keep the element of surprise and spring it on him later. Gather two sets of supplies so that each of you can tackle the window at the same time, one inside and one outside. If possible, don’t wash windows on a sunny day, since they will dry too quickly and may streak.


Window Cleaning Steps

1.    Remove any window screens for washing later.
2.    Have your guy sweep any spider webs and bug from the outside window with a dry broom.
3.    Fill the buckets with the hot soapy solutions.  
4.    Ask your guy be one step ahead of you working on the outside of the windows. The outside is always dirtiest and needs to be clean in order for you to do the best job of cleaning the inside.
5. Dip the scrubber into the window washing solution. Starting from the top, use the wet scrubber to loosen and clean off the dirt. Have an old towel or rag at the bottom of the window to catch any runoff.
6.    Immediately, starting from the top, use the squeegee to swipe away the dirty water from the window. It’s important to not allow any of the solution to dry on the window. Wipe the squeegee clean with an old rag after each swipe.
7.  Use waded up newspaper to clean any stray drops of the glass.
8.    Enjoy the clear view of your guy on the other side of the window!


Important additions to the window washing process

Remember, your ultimate goal is not only clean windows, but some hot fun, too, so be sure to add in your own, personal charm and allure. Whether that includes a wiggle, a shake, a wink or a shimmy is all up to you and your individual style. You’ll find by the end of the window cleaning experience, you’ll both be sweaty and dirty. Perfect! Head for the shower and complete the project!


The end result of your window cleaning project.

Once the job is done, you’ll be able to look out onto the world through crystal clear windows and look back onto a heck-of-a-good time too!

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