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The best April Fool’s fun on the web

2009 may be the best year yet for April Fool’s hoaxes, jokes, tricks and treats. Here’s a rundown of some of the finest and funniest April Fool’s sites on the web!

Gmail Autopilot by CADIE

“The easiest email could possibly be. As more and more everyday communication takes place over email, lots of people have complained about how hard it is to read and respond to every message. This is because they actually read and respond to all their messages.”
See it: Gmail Autopilot

Introducing KODAK eyeCamera 4.1

Kodak Eye CameraThe KODAK eyeCamera 4.1 is social media compatible so you will be able to stream your life 24×7! Easy photo uploads to Facebook, Flickr, KODAK Gallery, and Twitter are a snap. Now you can impress your friends with an endless stream of photos to accompany the running commentary of text updates you currently provide.
See it: KODAK eyeCamera 4.1 Doggie dating

Unlike other dog dating sites where dog owners are matched with each other, matches the actual dogs. “I think dog owners need to realize that dogs need love as well,” says Ross Williams, CEO. “They want to choose the right partners to have puppies with.”
See it:

Rechargeable Gum

How’s it work? “The secret lies in ReBubble’s ReCHEWvenation Chamber (patent pending). It looks like a cross between a coffin and that big machine the Ugnaughts put Han Solo in when Darth Vader ordered him to be frozen in carbonite. The chamber uses a special recharging station to restore gum to its unchewed state.”
See it: Chew On This: Rechargeable Gum at

General Mills acquires

Crunch Gear“CrunchGear, TechCrunch’s former tech blog, is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of General Mills and will feature both tech news as well as local news relating to our consumption of Big G cereal products including, but in no way limited to, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Boo Berry, Buc-Wheats, and Reese’s Puffs.”
See it: General Mills Enters Tech News Space With Forced Acquisition of CrunchGear

Britain’s Guardian newspaper goes exclusively to Twitter

“Consolidating its position at the cutting edge of new media technology, the Guardian today announces that it will become the first newspaper in the world to be published exclusively via Twitter, the sensationally popular social networking service that has transformed online communication.”
See it: Twitter switch for Guardian, after 188 years of ink

BBC iPlayer/toaster

“Our marketing team identified breakfast television as an emerging market segment for on-demand viewing and asked the iPlayer team to see if we could come up with something new in this space. After months of top-secret development and testing, and many burned developers, we’re finally ready to bring iPlayer Toaster Edition out of labs.”
See it: BBC iPlayer now available on a toaster

Introducing Opera Face Gestures

“Face Gestures lets you perform frequent browsing operations with natural and easy to make face gestures. By using an internal technology dubbed Face Observation Opera Language, we are able to recognize pre-determined facial expressions and match them to commands on the Opera browser.” Video demo provided.
See it: Opera Face Gestures browser

Forget 140 characters for your Twitter messages — you can now type up to 280 characters in a single tweet! (Note: Currently in beta mode.)
See it:

Pin All Your Romantic Hopes on Google

“When you think about it, love is just another search problem. And we’ve thought about it. A lot. Google Romanceâ„¢ is our solution.”
See it: Google RomanceAlso check out: Google Brain Search (for the Android phone)

Automatic Mood Detection in Windows Live Messenger

Using facial tracking technology, “If you laughed out loud, your laugh would be picked up by the mic on the webcam and immediately the text ‘lol’ would be inserted. If your laugh exceeded the threshold of 95 decibels (~Subway Train at 200ft), you would see ‘LOL!’ instead. If you fell out of your chair and were laughing hysterically on the ground… we would insert ‘ROFLMAO’… and so on.”
See it: Automatic Mood Detection in Messenger

Yahoo Idealogical Search

“Our research found that web searchers are regularly affronted by articles, blogs, facts, and pages that contain perspectives directly contradicting their own personal beliefs and values —- whether political, religious, economic, scientific, philosophical, etc. If consumers have the freedom in whether they navigate to the or, why not extend that same choice to search?”
See it: Yahoo Ideological Search

Amazing travel deals

Trips to Mars!Expedia is offering flights to Mars from only $99 – that’s a savings of more than $3,000,000,000,000! And, as a bonus, To Offer Rooms On The Moon.

Go wireless anywhere, everywhere

Says QualComm, “In order to provide the most expansive coverage possible, the convergence program has implanted tiny base stations into thousands of pigeons. ‘These birds thrive in diverse habitats, from dense cities to unpopulated regions,’ says Peter Rauber, director of engineering. ‘They carry with them a dynamic network as they flock and migrate.'”
See it: Wireless Convergence

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