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10 Easter Gift Ideas That Aren’t Bunnies, Chicks, Ducks or Candy

We’re not saying there’s anything wrong with pink stuffed duckies, toy chicks and big-old honkin’ chocolate rabbits — but the same old standard Easter gifts kind of get monotonous after a few years. Yes, Easter is the one time of year when we’re allowed to go crazy with pastels and over-the-top cuteness, but that doesn’t mean we can’t keep things unique too.

Try building an unforgettable basket based around one of these ideas instead.

1. Anna Banana: 101 Jump-Rope Rhymes

Double Dutch girls
Image: Amazon

Easter is here, spring is in the air, and kids are itching to play outside again. A jump-rope rhyme book like Anna Banana: 101 Jump-Rope Rhymes is totally old-fashioned (in the best way possible) and a fun way to keep things active. (Amazon, $6)

Round out the Easter basket with a cool new jump rope, fancy shoelaces and sidewalk chalk.

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2. A lightsaber

Star Wars boys
Image: Target

For four decades now, the Star Wars franchise has been delighting kids of all ages. Any Star Wars lover will be over the moon when they wake up to a lightsaber in their gift basket, and the Star Wars Revenge of the Sith Anakin Skywalker Extendable Lightsaber is even a lovely shade of Easter blue. (Target, $7)

Etsy is also a goldmine for Star Wars-themed paraphernalia to fill a basket with — sellers offer everything from wall art to light switch covers.

3. Alphabet blocks

Image: Things Remembered

When it comes to Baby’s first Easter, practicality is king. Your baby won’t have any use for traditional Easter presents, so give gifts they’ll actually use. Retro wooden alphabet blocks are cute, and Melissa and Doug’s Alphabet Truck can even be personalized with your child’s name. (Things Remembered, $20)

4. A movie

Image: Universal

Surprise your kids with their favorite movie on Blu-ray or DVD. Hop (Amazon, $10) is an entertaining Easter-themed family movie, or you can go with a spring/summer theme since warm weather is finally here — The Sandlot (Amazon, $4) is an old favorite you can’t go wrong with.

You can use the movie theme to finish up an Easter basket too. Add in some popcorn bags and boxed candy like Junior Mints, and you can even throw in some movie passes so they can look forward to going to the theater sometime in the near future.

5. Where the Wild Things Are

Sweet dreams
Image: Amazon

Make your child’s Easter a literal dream come true with some favorites for a good night’s sleep. Stuff the basket with a novelty pillowcase, nighttime bubble bath and a playlist with some good tunes to fall asleep to.

And what’s better than a good bedtime story? Where the Wild Things Are is a book for the ages, and a hardback copy of the story is something your kids will treasure forever. (Amazon, $12)

6. Fun headphones

Image: PB Teen

It used to be only older kids that loved to disappear into their favorite music — but thanks to modern technology, children of all ages appreciate a good set of headphones. Younger kids will love this Trolls-themed set (Toys R Us, $25), complete with a tuft of wild hair on the top. Teens and tweens will geek out on gold kitty-eared headphones (Pottery Barn Teen, $59).

Top off a basket with an iTunes gift card and you’ll have yourself some happy campers.

7. Custom artist’s apron

Little Picasso
Image: Zazzle

Do you have a budding artist on your hands? A custom artist’s smock with their name on it is a completely unforgettable gift that encourages them to explore their talents. (Zazzle, $17)

Throw some new crayons, markers, colored pencils, chalks, paints and fresh paper into their Easter basket for good measure.

8. Toy tool kit

Tool lover theme
Image: Target

Let’s be real; tools are fun to play with (even if you have no idea what you’re doing with them), and the more toy tools look like real tools, the better — like this 36-piece tool set from Bosch. Add a tape measure, tool belt or carpenter pencils for fun. (Target, $40)

9. Uno

Card sharks
Image: Target

Um, kids have been playing Uno since the dawn of time, and we’re not allowed to let the tradition die with this generation. Uno Attack! adds a modern spin to the old classic. (Target, $17)

Fill up the basket with other old-school faves like Skip Bo and Old Maid.

10. The Divergent series book set

Divergent series books
Image: Amazon

First there was Twilight, then there was The Hunger Games — and then came the Divergent series. The last movie, Allegiant, came out in 2016, but it’s safe to say teens will be devouring the Divergent books for a while and a box set of the trilogy is perfect for any fan. (Amazon, $28)

There’s also tons of Divergent stuff for sale over on Etsy, like temporary tattoos, jewelry, bookmarks, pencils, T-shirts and more.

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Originally published April 2014. Updated April 2017.

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