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Top 5 hair accessories for summer

For a fun and flirty look or a fashionably professional appearance this summer, turn to hair accessories! As celebs like Eva Longoria, Hayden Panettiere and Drew Barrymore know, these sometimes subtle, sometimes wild adornments for your hair can make all the difference in turning a boring look into a brilliant one.

Oh, the Versatility…

Whether you’re looking for form, function or the perfect blend of both, heads up! There are lots of options out there to help you keep your cool — stay stylish, too. One of the best things about hair accessories is their versatility; With a wide selection of accessories, you can go from looking cute to sexy to professional in a matter of seconds. Add a few hair accessories to your collection for an unforgettable summer of being fashionably hip!

Summer hair accessories

Alyssa Milano with a headband hair accessory


A really quick and simple answer to your hair accessory needs is the headband. Headbands take just a second to put on,  look great with any outfit and keep the hair out of your eyes. Your band can become a formal accessory or a casual way to keep the hair off your face at the beach. When you don’t feel like styling your hair, grab a headband for the instant fix!

“Headbands are a great way of taking back control, giving hair a chic look no matter what the occasion,” says Susanna Romano, the “S” in Salon A-K-S, a New York City beauty hotspot.

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Summer hair accessoriesHair clips

These standard items can be a surefire way to spice up your favorite hairstyles. From a traditional ponytail to wearing your hair down and straight with a side part and a cute clip, the possibilities are virtually endless.

No tugg, no aches, no scratches

If you are tired of getting headaches or scalp-aches from wearing clips and barrettes in your hair, then you probably haven’t tried the Linziclip. This innovative accessory (shown above) boasts the best of a butterfly clip (or claw clip) and a flat barrette. Created by two British moms, Lindsey Walker and Shelley-Anne Salisbury, the Linziclip offers great versatility in design and function.

The clip introduces a flat and smooth spine that makes driving a car or riding in an airplane more comfortable than ever. These goodies are available in a wide array of colors (even animal print!) and in three sizes. They work for all hair textures and most lengths, and they can hold large amounts of hair for a long time. You can wear your hair in a twist, wear it half-up and half-down, or wear it as a bun or typical ponytail with a Linziclip. Retailing for between $3 to $5 apiece, they are available widely at drugstores like CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreen’s, as well as at select beauty stores and Wal-Marts nationwide.

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Summer hair accessoriesKatie Cassidy with a ponytail hairstylePonytail holders

One of the all-time greatest warm weather, lazy day or athletic hairstyles is the ponytail. Ponytails look great on everyone, they keep the hair out of your face, and they offer a quick and easy way to do your hair at a moment’s notice. (Plus you get to show off that sexy neck!) Wear them high or wear them low — with a little practice, you can dress up your ponytail for a soft, romantic look, or a more sleek and sophisticated style.

Gliding wonders

To create and remove your ponytail without pulling, snagging or tugging your hair, check out the gliding wonders, Sephora’s Snag-Free Hair Elastics.

For a fancy flip that’s flirty and fun, try the Puffy Pony. It puts a snazzy spin on the traditional ponytail by giving it a boost. The added height gives your ponytail more bounce, as well as a free-flying look that can be elegant or casual. “I created the Puffy Pony because I was constantly adjusting and readjusting jaw clamps, leaving my hair limp and lifeless from having my hands in it all day long,” says Mia Minnelli, creator of the Puffy Pony and founder of the Tonytail Company. “Now, I simply pop [it] in first thing in the morning, and my ponytail looks full all day!”

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Summer hair accessoriesJessica Alba with baseball cap hair accessory in summertimeBaseball caps

Relax and kick back with an All-American baseball cap of your own! Stylish caps for women are all the rage (and guys always love a girl in a ball cap). They only take a second to throw on, and they can mask a bad hair day or dress up a casual look.

The hat solution

“Bright, flattering summer colors next to your face can act just like makeup, making you look great with very little effort,” says Gina Valenti, lead designer for New Era’s Women’s Division. “Short or cut-off visors can make any cap look more feminine. For summer, the most classic cap you can buy is white or army green to get the most play with your wardrobe.” She says that caps with the military shape — with a shorter bill — are as popular as the classic ballcap right now.

Caps can make any outfit — even a dress — go from dressy to casual and sporty. (We admit: It wouldn’t work at a black tie event.) Valenti adds that baseball caps are a great, inexpensive and effective form of UV protection for your skin and your hair.

Cap fabrics and style choices

So what materials are out there? Some of the most popular styles for women include caps classic cotton twill, canvas and seersucker, as shown here. New Era’s hats are designed specifically to fit a woman’s head, and all fabrics are heavily pre-washed for a soft, comfortable feel. These babies boast an adjustable cloth strap with Velcro so they won’t snag your hair.

If you’re looking for something downright unique, one of our favorite cap styles comes fromAnnie Sumang’s couture baseball cap collection, which is made just for women, girls and infants. These bold and stylish patterns (in brocade, toile and animal prints)  clearly aren’t for the guys.

A former interior designer, Annie created her line of vibrant headwear because a hat like this was something she wanted for herself. “For years I have looked for a fashionable baseball cap, one that makes a statement and compliments whatever outfit I decide to wear that day. For years, I was stuck with the same dull caps and few fashion options,” she says. “My theory is that baseball caps are a fashion accessory and are as important as the earrings or purse that you choose to compliment your outfit.”

Want something a little more basic? The Champion Women’s Twill Ponytail Hat comes in in white, light blue and pale yellow, while Fossil’s caps feature retroesque graphics and distressed appliques for a worn-in look.

Summer haircare tipsMolly Sims with a scarf hairstyleHead scarves

If money is no object, or if you just want to treat yourself to one fancy, upscale item, search no further. The hottest new hair accessory in the celebrity world is the 100 percent silk charmeuse head scarf by Frank & Kahn, available at Zitomer. These babies retail for $125 a pop, but have lately been spotted on the heads of several celebs.

These and other similar ultra-hip headscarves span across the color spectrum, available in myriad colors and patterns, available in solids, polka dots, and of course, leopard prints. Elastic located at the back of the accessory allows the headscarf to fit securely yet comfortably. Hair length is no consideration, as these classy coifs can accommodate short or long hair, loose or tucked up inside the cap.

“Scarves that are bright-colored are great to accessorize with,” says Homer Prefontaine, owner and designer of Salon Prefontaine. For another look, Prefontaine suggest that you “tie a scarf around so that it holds the top half of your hair, with the rest down. It can be a very elegant and chic look.”

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