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Go gaga for green: 10 ways to grow a “green” baby


What can you do to raise your baby right – and in a healthy green way? Here are ten tips for bring an eco-friendly mama.

Green Baby

10. Switch from plastic bottles to glass or ensure that you purchase plastic ones that are free of Bisphenol A-free. Bisphenol-A is a chemical that is released from polycarbonate bottles when in contact with hot water (such as in the dishwasher). In animal studies, the chemical has been shown to affect reproduction and brain development. Don’t forget about BPA-free pacifiers, teethers and sippy cups, as well.9. Consider cloth — diapers that is. Disposable ones take up to 500 years to decompose. There are also several “hybrid” brand diapers that combine a reusable cotton bloomer with a disposable insert for the best of both worlds.8. Seek out natural remedies instead of chemical-laden creams and medicines for everything from diaper rash to sun block. California Baby and Burt’s Bees are a few great brands that use natural products. Earth Mama Angel Baby is great too and offers products for use during and after your pregnancy. But don’t take our word for it; find ones that work best for your baby — and you!7. Instead of buying jar after jar of baby food, consider making it yourself using organic produce. You can use refrigerated homemade baby food for up to three days. If you make a large amount, freeze it in ice cube trays and defrost them as needed. If you’re not into making your own, buy organic and reuse those jars!6. Go organic when it comes to baby’s clothes, crib sheets, blankets and comforter. There are many brands out there that use organic materials. Check out for some darling organic threads for baby.5. You’ve heard all the scary stuff about the toys with lead-based paints and plastic toys derived from petroleum. But that doesn’t mean your green baby has to go without. Shower your baby with safety by purchasing natural and organic toys. Melissa & Doug is a super cute line of all natural wooden toys painted with non-toxic water-based paints.4. Breastfeeding is one of the most natural — and green! — things you can do for your child. If nursing isn’t for you, select a good organic formula.3. When preparing the nursery, be sure to use a high-quality formaldehyde-free, acetone-free, zero- or low-VOC paint on the walls.2. When purchasing furniture, go for products built with eco-friendly, sustainable and low-toxicity materials. If possible, purchase second-hand items, and when you are finished with your baby’s things, give them to a friend, sell them to a kid’s consignment store or donate them.1. Sure, you want your baby’s things to be clean. But most cleansers (detergents, all-purpose, etc.) are loaded with chemicals. Use pure soap and buy (or make) non-toxic cleansers with simple ingredients like vinegar and baking soda.

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