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Top 20 green celebrities


The growing trend in Hollywood is the many celebrities who are going green and making eco-friendly efforts to help the environment. Read on to learn about the top 20 green celebrities.

Ed Begley, JrEd Begley, Jr

Ed Begley, Jr not only composts his garbage and relies on solar and thermal power to run his home, Ed created a line of eco-friendly cleaning products called Begley’s Best. He also has his own green program on Planet Green, “Living with Ed.”

Cate Blanchett

This starlet lives in an off-grid home that is completely powered by solar panels. In 2007, Cate Blanchett also launched a web-based climate change campaign.

Orlando Bloom

This hottie takes going green seriously. Even though he might be labeled a “pretty boy,” he limits his showers to conserve water. Orlando Bloom has also traveled to Antarctica with Global Green USA to study the impacts of global warming.

Cindy Crawford

Her gift to the green movement is reducing the number of plastic bottles that get discarded into landfills. Cindy Crawford teamed up with PUR Water Filtration Systems and designed a reusable water bottle.

Sheryl CrowSheryl Crow

Although it’s hard to get away from the Hollywood hoopla for big baby showers and gift exchanges, Sheryl Crow hosted an all-natural baby shower for her son. The bash even included locally grown flowers and organic food, invitations that could be planted and gifts without wrapping paper.

Penelope Cruz

The Spanish star joined forces with such stars as Leonardo DiCaprio and Orlando Bloom to arrange for a fleet of hybrid cars to shuttle celebrities around during the Academy Awards. Penelope Cruz also only drives hybrids in her personal life as well.

Cameron Diaz

This Prius-driving Cameron Diaz participated in public service announcements for the Environmental Media Association and helped kick-off the Live Earth concert series with Al Gore.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio is arguably one of the most attractive men in Hollywood as well as one of the most outspoken stars behind the green movement. His decade of eco-activism spans projects such as narrating, writing and co-producing the documentary, The 11th Hour, and the upcoming eco-friendly reality program “Greensburg,” chronicling the rebuilding of a Kansas town destroyed by a tornado, all in green fashion.

Al Gore

Al Gore’s eco-informational film, An Inconvenient Truth, won the once Vice President of the United States an Oscar! Along with his Emmy and Nobel Prize, Al Gore devotes his talents to the fight against climate change.

Adrian GrenierAdrian Grenier

The Entourage star joined forces with Plant Green TV to help others green their homes. Adrian Grenier also utilized recycled insulation made from used denim in his home.

Jake Gyllenhaal

A major champion behind environmental causes, Jake Gyllenhaal traveled to the North Pole with Salma Hayek to document climate changes. He also shelled out $10,000 to off-set his carbon footprint with the plating of trees in Mozambique.

Tom Hanks

One of the biggest film stars of our time, Tom Hanks is also a greenie! He has been driving electric vehicles for some time now and his production company operates from a solar-powered building.

Daryl Hannah

The infamous mermaid of Splash, Daryl Hannah, sells sustainable products on through her online store and produces a show on the web for her site discussing different green lifestyle techniques.

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek serves as a board member for Global Green USA, helps fight global warming and lends her time to helping to provide cleaner drinking water for those without the resources. The star also has a Los Angeles home with solar panels and drives a hybrid car.

Chris MartinChris Martin

This sexy vegetarian is known for his advocacy of Fair Trade. Chris Martin writes “Make Trade Fair” on his piano during performances and also draws a green equal sign on the back on his hand for a reminder.

Willie Nelson

Thanks to this song legend, Willie Nelson is one of the fathers of the alternative fuel movement. He encourages the public to become less dependent on foreign oil and started producing biodiesel at a Texas truck stop in 2004.

Hayden Panettiere

A teen queen and green queen! Hayden Panettiere is an advocate of reusable grocery bags, often snapped using them in paparazzi pictures. She is also well known for her fight to save precious marine life.

Natalie Portman

This is one Hollywood star that shines bright. The Harvard graduate fights for environmental preservation and recently completed a documentary about African mountain gorilla habitat preservation. Natalie Portman also has her own vegan footwear line.

Brad Pitt

Mr. Handsome is a key force behind the post-Katrina green building movement. Brad Pitt has even gone so far as donate $5 million of his own dollar to help fund the project.

Ed Norton

The film star has long been outspoken on renewable energy and aims to help low-income families become more green. Ed Norton also lends his talents to a series on National Geographic to help spread the eco-movement word.

Robert Redford

The icon took an interest in improving Mother Nature at an early age. Robert Redford has produced and narrated a documentary about his beloved Yosemite National Park to help further the importance of protected lands.


The songbird Sting and his wife created The Rainforest Foundation back in 1989. The group works in 15 counties to protect precious habitat. They have already saved more than 70,000 square miles of land!

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