How to organize a night out

Enjoying a girls’ night out is a much-needed reward in our chaotic society. Sometimes even the planning of such an occurrence is stressful. With everyone’s packed schedules, families and careers, it can become six to eight months before you can find a date for everyone to get together. However, kicking back with the ladies can be done in innovative, organized ways to ensure a good time for all.


Wine and Wear
Forget the latest bar or the hippest happy hour joint, instead, remember your own fantastic home is a great place to host. Use social media networks such as Myspace, Facebook or e-mail and send out a couple dates to your girlfriends and let them respond. Tell them each to bring a bottle of wine, a fun tapa and an article of clothing or accessory they no longer want – anything from a purse to black cardigan to red boots. Have some drinks with the girls and exchange otherwise “unwanted” goodies. Even if your girlfriend doesn’t like the black leather wallet she snatched up, chances are someone in her office might. This is a cheaper option to going out, you get to gab with the girls and partake in some great recycling. Plus, you can post pictures of the event on the social media networks and dates for upcoming wine and wear parties to help keep everyone on schedule.


Soup Group

This is becoming a popular trend, even for those who don’t cook. Send out an e-mail to those who might be interested with instructions, container sizes and possible dates. Let people e-mail back if interested and then pick a date and time. If someone cannot make it, have her drop off the soup ahead of time and someone can take her goodies to her at another time. “Our Denver group meets every six weeks and we all bring our soups, recipes and latest gossip. We meet at a different member’s home each time and they prepare a simple appetizer,” notes Melissa Goff, a two-year soup group member. “We meet on week nights or for brunch on the weekends. Plus you can freeze the soups for a quick dinner option on those busy work days.”

The Walk Workout

Every weekend, come rain or shine, groups of ladies hit the trails, malls and local gyms jabbering away and burning calories. “I have been walking with the girls for over three decades. If it’s raining or snowing, we meet at the local high school track, if it’s nice out, there is a trail we meet at every Wednesday at 5:30 P.M. If someone is out of town, they just show up the following week,” explains Jane Scheff, veteran Wednesday evening walker. “We catch up on the latest gossip, help a friend through a tough situation by talking it out, discuss the news – we can get lots of conversation in during that hour,” adds Jane. Send a text or pick up the phone to communicate if you aren’t going to make it, but getting fresh air with the girls at a scheduled time is always a treat. It’s a standing date you will soon look forward to weekly or monthly.

Tips to help you organize dates with your friends

  • E-mail
  • Phone Tree
  • Text Messages
  • Myspace
  • Facebook
  • Linked In
  • Google Pages
  • Your Own Website

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