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3 Handbag trends for spring

Looking for on trend bags to complete your ensembles this spring? We’ve got three bag trends to look out for this season and splurge-worthy and frugal examples of each.

Trend 1: Metallic embellishments

Whereas previous seasons were all about all-over metallics, spring transitions into summer with pieces that are trimmed, highlighted, embellished or just somehow accentuated with metallics. Just like the season of spring itself, these bags bring a cold breeze of winter with their tinny adornments to meet the softer materials of summer.


All of the bags that are a part of Coach’s new signature stripe collection (the iconic C logo-filled pattern bags that Coach revamps every season) are practically a live demonstration of this trend. One in particular that we’ve got our eye on is the new Signature Stripe Tote. Its metallic patent leather trim gives it a stylish update from Coach’s signature bags from past seasons. With its large size and multiple pockets the tote is very work-ready and functional however at $268, the price isn’t quite as easy to swing over your shoulder.


The Perlina Camboo Canvas Tote from Target has a similar color palette to the splurge-worthy Coach bag and trendy shiny gold trim and accents. It rings up at only $59.99.

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