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Steal the look: Evan Rachel Wood

Evan Rachel Wood may have questionable taste in men (ahem, that Manson fellow) and get a lot of slack for morphing into a style clone of her ex’s ex (ahem, the iconic Dita) but past relationships and copycat accusations aside, she looks like a million bucks in this red carpet ensemble for this year’s Golden Globe Awards. Here’s how you can too:

The dress

  • Evan’s look is centered around her incredibly unique, show-stopping gown. The black dress is a stunning flapper-inspired piece that harkens back to an era of prohibited Gin Sloes in sultry Speak Easies. A dress just like her Elie Saab one is next to impossible to find, especially on a reasonable budget, however we’ve got some recession-friendly dresses with a similar look that harken back to that same feeling of old school glamour.
  • For a more classic (and very economical) flapper look, Armani Exchange’s Fringe Mini Dress is just what the doctor ordered. The fitted mini dress with a top layer of tiered, loose fringe is currently marked down from $120 to only $79.
    If it’s the sequined aspect of Evan’s dress that you’re coveting, try Bebe’s Silk Sequin Flapper Dress. Like Evan’s gown, you’ll get all the glitz, glam and shine of sequins in a flapper-inspired frock. However when you turn around in this dress, it gets quite modern and edgy: it has a large keyhole cutout and a chunky exposed zipper. The dress is just in at Bebe, where they are currently selling it for $229.
  • Floor-length flapper gowns are harder to come by than their mini counterparts, however Unique Vintage has a stylish and reasonably priced one. The dress has a unique ornate bodice and a tiered fringe body and will cost you only $172.

The clutch

Evan’s carryall for the big night is a striped black clutch, with an almost identical color and sheen as her gown. For your night out on the town, try Aldo’s Kortz clutch. Like Evan’s it is covered in high shine sequins however unlike Evan’s it has an old-fashioned closure that fits in perfectly with the overall look and even more unlike Evan’s, it’s only $25. And if you’re looking to switch things up a bit, it also comes in gold and silver.

The jewelry

Evan wears gorgeous silver earrings with a petal pattern. For a wallet-friendly similar style, try these leaf dangle earrings from Target, which retail for only $19.99.

While Evan chooses against a necklace, she does wear a simple skinny silver bracelet on one wrist. A piece in the same vein is not hard to come by, but if you’re looking for a place to start, try this Medieval Elastic Bracelet, which is only $5.80 at Forever 21.

The makeup

With such an ornate gown, Evan wisely opts for a minimalist and natural makeup look. Her eyes get the most attention with a metallic silver color applied to both the top and bottom lids and her lashes get a healthy coat of mascara. Her cheeks are perfectly accentuated with a dusting of light pink blush. The look is finished off with some seriously high shine lip gloss.

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