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Make him go green: How to teach your man to recycle

Is your boyfriend or husband a bit – or a lot – behind on the importance of eco-friendly choices? Though convincing him to trade his gas-guzzling hot rod for a hybrid is improbable, you may have much better luck getting him to be more environmentally sensitive by teaching him to recycle. Here are some tips.

Man RecyclingPull out a chart

Guys love visuals, so introduce the notion of recycling by giving him a recycle chart that lists the types of goods that are recyclable. He’ll learn it and love it because he doesn’t want you nagging him.

Make it a challenge

If getting your man on board to reduce waste is proving futile, challenge him (what guy doesn’t like a challenge). Post a recycle chart by the recycle bins in your garage and have a contest — each time one of you puts some recyclable item in the bins, you make a mark on the chart. At the end of the week, who ever has the most marks wins. And, no, he can’t include the bottles and cans from poker night in the tally, nor can you use the game as an excuse to stock up on extras.

Team up

Appeal to his sensitive side and explain that when you two collaborate on projects, it makes you feel closer to him and strengthens your relationship. Once he realizes that recycling means more cuddle time and harmony with you, he’ll be your best recycle team mate. You can even designate Saturday as your day to take the recycling to the public recycle locations — including those old batteries, motor oil, or electronics sitting in the garage (check with your city listings for appropriate drop off sites).

More is better

Still having trouble getting your guy to even consider recycling? Try a different approach. Buy in bulk and cut down on the packaging of foods and other goods you two buy. According to the EPA, the average American generates over 4-1/2 pounds of garbage each day and more than a third of it is packaging. Buying in bulk means you get more for your money with less packaging — and less to recycle.

Buy recycled

Another approach to use for the hard to convince guy is to stop pushing him to recycle and encourage him to buy recycled. Many everyday products are being manufactured with recycled materials, from paper products to clothing and even home décor and art. He may not be diligent about sorting the plastics from the glass and newspapers, but he can do his part by purchasing recycled goods.It may take some time to teach your man to recycle, but your efforts will be well spent. Just keep showing him how easy recycling can be — and how good it makes you feel — and chances are he’ll start recycling on his own terms. And remember, every little eco-friendly bit helps.

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