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7 Ways to preserve your pregnancy memories

How can you preserve your pregnancy memories? Everything changes when you have a baby. But what about the nine months prior? Memorialize everything you experience — from your changing body to your mentally becoming a mom — with mementos that you can keep forever.

Pregnant Woman Writing in Diary

When you are pregnant, you think that you will never forget the emotions, experiences, and discoveries. But the truth is that like all other memories, they will eventually fade. So what will you say when your child someday asks about what you thought, dreamed and hoped for while pregnant?

Don’t guess. There are many things you can do to make your pregnancy live forever. Whether you are a writer, crafter or none of the above, there is a keepsake you can make and hold onto.

Take a picture a week

You know that sometime in pregnancy, you will have a bulging belly to admire. Your pregnant body is constantly changing and you can often see the changes long before everyone else can. Capture your week-by-week changes by taking a photo each week of your full body profile. It will help you capture and memorialize the frequent and amazing changes that your body undergoes while pregnant. Get a special album to keep them in too.

Keep a journal

What was the first emotion you felt when you found out you were expecting? Who was the first person you told? What did they say? So many experiences and happenings go on when you are pregnant. Keep track of all the emotions and experiences by writing about them daily or weekly. Plus, it’s a great way to keep track of your psyche too. When you are pregnant, you are filled with hopes, dreams, concerns and worries for your baby. Bonus! Writing in a journal can have a twofold effect: first, you can sort out all the thoughts and second, you can remember forever all the wonders that you experience while pregnant.

Get a belly cast

How big did that belly really get? You won’t remember after a month or two, but you can memorialize that belly forever with a belly cast. A belly cast is a plastic cast of the belly and breasts. You can purchase a kit to do it at home, or even just use some easy items from the craft store. Some women also choose to decorate the cast and display it.

Keep a video diary

Pregnancy isn’t just about the mom-to-be. Get the dad-to-be involved too and create a video diary of the pregnancy. You can record everything from sonogram appointments to sit down discussions about your expectations. And someday, your baby can watch and see what you thought, wondered and hoped while pregnant.

Blog it

If you want to keep relatives and friends in the loop without having to relay every detail a thousand times, then start a blog. You can post photos, accounts of your appointments and more. Worried about privacy? Many blogging services allow you to make blogs private and invite only those whom you want to read it.

Get scrapping

Gather momentos, photos, and other items in a beautiful package by scrapbooking. You can keep appointment cards, menus, things that made you think of baby, stuff from the hospital and more so that you can look back on all the highs and lows of pregnancy.

Create a quilt

If you are crafty, then head to the fabric store and choose a fabric or two each month of your pregnancy that reflects how you are feeling, your mood, etc. Create squares to make a quilt (figure out how many you need and then divide that by how many months you have before baby arrives). Then, when you are in the final stretch, stitch it all together to create a quilt that you and your child can huddle under for years to come.

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