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Beauty tips and tricks for entering your 30s

Entering a new decade in your life can be daunting and stressful. Be sure to take the time to decompress, relax and enjoy yourself with these tips on how to stay, act and feel young, no matter what your age.

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1A girls’ night out

There’s nothing like a girls’ night out to reinvigorate yourself. Shake things up, call up your girlfriends and make plans to dance the night away. Getting all dolled up with your best girlfriends and dancing the night away will make you feel young and put you in a great mood.

Try to make regular girls’ nights out a habit. Create a standing monthly date for you and all your besties to get together and catch a movie, have brunch, meet for cocktails or go dancing. Staying connected with your BFFs is one of the best ways to feel younger and happier.

2Date night

Sometimes when you fall into a pattern, it can be easy to stay there. Plan a date night with your husband or boyfriend to bring back all the sparks of your courtship. Dress up, go to dinner and spend the night reconnecting. There’s nothing that will lift your mood and make you feel more alive than falling in love with your man all over again.

Better yet: If you can swing it, plan a weekend getaway. Rent a cottage, go camping, stay at a swanky boutique hotel in the nearest big city or hit the beach for a seaside retreat. Getting away from it all together is a great way to reconnect and boost your bond.

3Buy a new dress

Whether you’re having a bad day and need the self-esteem boost or you just feel like a splurge, you really can’t go wrong by going out and treating yourself to something new. A dress is the perfect pick-me-up and an instant way to make you feel young and feminine.

4At-home spa night

Invite your friends over for a little R&R and host an at-home spa night. Do manicures, pedicures and at-home facials, and all the girls will feel worry-free and refreshed. To really decompress, serve some cocktails such as sangria or a signature martini like this fresh and fruit peach martini.

At-home spa night must-haves:

  • Scented candles
  • Tons of great nail polish colors plus nail polish remover
  • Lots of upbeat music  
  • Several different facial masks for various skin types
  • Simple snacks (veggies & dip, tea sandwiches, mini cupcakes, chips)

5Play catch-up

Schedule a dinner or happy hour with some old friends or family members. Dedicating some time to reconnect with those that are important in your life is truly priceless. The exchange of laughs, stories and memories together will make you wonder why you waited so long to play catch-up.

6Try a new hairstyle

There’s almost no better way to embrace change and transition in your life than by showing it with a new hairstyle. Try some bangs, go short or go long with some hair extensions. If you’re really daring, try an all-out hair makeover and dye it a completely different color to match your new look. It’s a great outer way to embrace your inner change while still feeling like you’re the same person you’ve always been.

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