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10 Great hairstyles for women in their prime

Though many women think they must get a short haircut when they get older, women in their prime can wear a variety styles, both long and short. Here are 10 fabulous hairstyles that are fun and flattering.

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You shouldn’t let your age dictate your hairstyle. However, there are a number of styles that are very flattering on women in their prime. Experiment with different styles to find the best look for you.



Jenna Elfman

Short modified bob

Jenna Elfman (right) wears a short layered hairstyle that is a modification of the bob. It features long side-swept bangs and long layers that aren’t too choppy. This haircut is nice for women of all ages but would be especially flattering for more established women.

Pixie cut

Women with delicate features, no matter their age, look great in a layered pixie cut. It’s perfect for straight thick hair. To make sure this short cut doesn’t look too masculine, accessorize with a terrific pair of earrings.

Wedge cut

In the ’70s, you might have known this hairstyle as the Dorothy Hamill (the figure skater). It’s an angled bob cut that works well for women of all ages with straight hair. When you move around, the style maintains its shape. The bangs are slightly side-swept and the hair is tapered in the back. It’s a youthful style but doesn’t look out of place on women in their prime.


Lisa Rinna


Short shag cut

Lisa Rinna’s haircut (left) is a good example of a short shag cut. The top layers are longer and those below eye level are shorter. This hairstyle can be worn a little messy and flipped out, or blown toward the face for a classy, chic look.

Short choppy cut

A short, choppy hairstyle with piecey bangs is a good choice for older women with straight or wavy hair. It’s a carefree look that requires very little maintainance. Meg Ryan is one of several celebrities that has worn this style well. 

Short curly layered cut

For women with naturally curly hair, a hairstyle that is chin-length or slightly shorter is very easy to maintain. Get a cut with long layers and part it off to the side. Add a little styling spritz to give the sides a little volume. Glenn Close is one of the actresses that wears that cut.

Sharon Lawrence

Medium bob with bangs

A medium-length bob with bangs is very attractive on women in their prime. Sharon Lawrence (right) shows off this look in terrific auburn shade. From chin-length to right above the shoulders, a medium-length bob is attractive for most face shapes.

Loose chignon

If you want to pull your long, curly hair up for a special evening out, wear your hair in loosely knotted chignon like Cate Blanchett. This hairstyle is sophisticated and elegant, but also very carefree. This type of simplicity works well. 

Shoulder length blunt cut

For shoulder length hair, a haircut that is blunt in that back with just a slight face frame is the most flattering. If you want to wear bangs, don’t make them too short or too straight. Long side-swept bangs or brow-length bangs that are wispy are your best bet.

Long layered cut

Despite what you may read elsewhere, women over 40 don’t have to have short hair. Nicolette Sheridan wears her blonde locks in a flattering long, layered style, and if you love long hair, this is a good classic look. You can blow the ends toward you face for a wispy appeal.

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