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Hottest skin care products: Healthy skin with nutricosmetics

The latest trend for healthy skin are topical products containing vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, herbs and other nutrients as well as ingestibles, which are essentially skincare supplements containing the same. Here are six top skin-nourishing products to add to your skincare diet. But keep in mind, though these new skincare products are “nutrition” for your skin, they won’t make up for a poor diet, inactivity, too much sun and not enough sleep. Eat right, hydrate well, exercise regularly, get adequate sleep, wear sunscreen and consider these nutricosmetics an augmentation for your healthy lifestyle.

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Nutritional skincare



Available for order at, Shenui skincare products are unique in that they are customizable and made at the time of purchase. Each product, including moisturizers, lotions, night creams, toners, and masks, contain a
selective array of bioactives, active substances such as vitamins, polysaccharides, peptides, proteins, enzymes and herbal extracts. When you select your product, you are able to choose the
bioactives most appropriate for your skincare needs. For example, you can select a face cream that contains herbal extracts, with (or without) your choice of fragrance. Since bioactives lose potency
over time, Shenui doesn’t create your product until you order, using the freshest bioactive ingredients, and then packages your product in a special dispenser that prevents contamination and
exposure to air and light. Starting prices vary depending on the product you choose and final price will be determined on the bioactives you incluce.

AB Sun

AB Skincare

Forumlated by top NYC dermatologist Dr Craig Austin, AB Skincare products contain powerful antioxidants: vitamins A, C, E, Co-Q10, and green tea extract. Choose from AB Eye, a nourishing serum
containing hyaluronic acid, to soothe and plump the areas around the eyes; AB 10%, a cleanser formulated with glycolic acid that is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines, reduce
pore size and reverse sun damage; AB Hands, a treatment pad exclusively created to reduce age spots and uneven pigmentation; AB Happy Feet for rough skin and calluses; and AB Sun, a moisturizer with
SPF 45 and an advanced antioxidant-rich complex containing green tea polypenols and caffeine, formulated to block sun and fight aging. The AB Skincare line also includes AB Acne Free and AB Baby.
Prices range from $35 to $95 for online order at


GliSODin Skin Nutrients are GliSODiningestibles (supplements for the skin) that, according to Paula Simpson, the nutritional medical aesthetics director and key product formulator at GliSODin Skin Nutrients, deliver critical nutrients
to the skin “from within” to help your body support healthy skin cells. Based on the philosophy that topical products cannot penetrate deep enough to rejuvenate and support the
structural building blocks of skin, GliSODin Skin Nutrients offers a Daily Formula that is excellent for very dehydrated, dry skin types; a Skin Brightening Formula, which promotes even skin tone and
protects the skin from UV oxidative stress; and a 15-day Detoxification Program (in a drink form) to start with because it cleanses and rejuvenates your system which in turn clarifies the skin. The
Detoxification program also promotes a healthy digestive system which will ensure optimal absorption of nutrients from the Daily or Skin Brightening Formulas. GliSODin Skin Nutrients is also the
first orally effective vegetarian form of superoxyde dismutase (SOD), a biologically active compound produced by the body that is critical for cellular health. GliSODin is available at select top
spas – visit for more information. Prices range from $80 to $300.EmerginC Spot Lightening Gel

EmerginC Spot Lightening Gel

If you have pigmentation issues, consider EmerginC Spot Lightening Gel, an all-natural, potent and effective lightener that helps rapidly fade pigmentation problems caused by acne scars, sun spots,
or other causes. Claimed to get you camera-ready right away, the product contains active ingredients lactic acid, glycolic acid, malic acid, tartartic acid, vitamin C, bearberry extract, green tea,
pine bark extract, chamomile, grape seed extract and licorice. It is also a top pick for A-listers such as Jennifer Aniston, Halle Berry, and Sandra Bullock. And bonus: The line is completely
paraben-free, without any synthetic dyes or fragrance and is packaged with eco-friendly paper. EmerginC Spot Lightening Gel is carried in finer spas and is available for order online at for $48.

Merlot Skin Care

Merlot Skin Care

Formulated with the potent antioxidant-rich grape seed extract, Merlot Skin Care products are wine for the skin. According to the Merlot Skin Care website, research has shown that grape seed
antioxidants are 50 times more powerful than vitamin E and almost 25 times more powerful than vitamin C. The Merlot Skin Care line, which includes a moisturizer, eye cream, cleanser, night cream and
more, contains technologically advanced ingredients like grape seed polyphenols and “hi-tech peptides” to fight free radical damage from smog, pollution, stress, UV rays, smoke and even
certain medications. Merlot products can be ordered at with prices ranging from $8 to $20.

Revance Therapeutics Relastin

Relastin, a product line fortified with a proprietary Zinc Firming Complex, vitamins C and A, and peptides, is clinically proven to bolster the skin’s ability to produce elastin, the protein
that gives skin its “bounce.” According to Revance Therapeutics chief scientific officer Jacob Waugh, RelastinMD, elastin stops being produced during the teenage years and existing elastin starts to degenerate from age and sun exposure, resulting in wrinkles and sagging skin. Relastin is the only skincare
product that clinically demonstrates the ability to increase the skin’s functional elastin, giving skin a more youthful appearance. Choose from Relastin’s Skin Revitalizer, Ultra
Emollient, and Eye Silk, all formulated to make your skin look younger and more radiant. Visit to order online. Prices range from $69 to $99.

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