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4 Best websites for outfit inspiration

Closet full of clothes and nothing to wear? This is a tale as old as time but what’s new are the hundreds of websites out there that will give you the inspiration you need to get over your outfit block. We’ve got four of the best here for you to check out.

Left photo by Scott Schuman; right photo by Garance Dore

The Sartorialist

The granddaddy and gold standard of all street style blogs, The Sartorialist is Scott Schuman, a one-man, globe-spanning fashion photog extraordinaire. Schuman travels the world and snaps shots of the uber-stylish people he encounters to share with the rest of us. The Sartorialist is particularly known for flawlessly capturing people in their environment. Though Schuman’s trend-alerting talent has been snapped up by many a mainstream media outlets (such as GQ and, he has never strayed the blog that started it all. The Sartorialist is constantly updated and never fails to please.

Garance Doré

It’s no big secret that French women are the pinnacle of style and for a concentrated dose of Parisian chic, there’s no better place to look than Garance Doré, which always provides a good anecdote behind or commentary on the outfits showcased. As of late the site has begun providing English translations for most of its posts (and if you’re checking the site out from the states, your browser will automatically navigate you to the English translation page), however to get a full dose of Garance Doré be sure to also check out the original French main page. Even if you can’t decipher a word, you’ll be able to view all of the images and we all know what they say is true: a picture is worth a thousand words.

Street Peeper

An enormous and constantly updated database of eclectic street style, Street Peeper has contributing photographers roaming the streets of over a dozen cities, including Amsterdam, Jakarta, Sydney and Tokyo, to bring you an endless stream of trendsetters the world over. For each and every look, Street Peeper also supplies the accompanying fashion credits so you can find out where all the pieces of the outfits are from. Unlike The Sartorialist and Garance Doré, which tend to showcase a moneyed, socially elite crowd, Street Peeper truly is street style of the people and for the people.

Fashion Under $100

We typically associate celebrities as being at the forefront of fashion so it’s not a surprise that we often look to them for fashion guidance. Fashion Under $100 serves up daily doses of celebrity style, ranging from super casual day looks to full on red carpet get ups. Best of all, the site tells you exactly how you can recreate the entire look for less than $100. And when I say the entire look, I really mean the entire look – down to every last accessory. If you’ve got an image of a celeb outfit that you’re dying to learn how to recreate on a shoestring budget, the site also takes reader requests.

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