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5 Tips for decorating kids’ rooms

How can you create a cool room for your kids? When it comes to your kids and their rooms, there are a lot of fun ways to get them involved with decorating their rooms. Check out our 5 tips for decorating a fun, versatile and budget-friendly room for kids.

Girl and Mother Painting Room

Color me gorgeous

Erin Valencich, interior design expert, host of HGTV’s 25 Great Holiday Ideas, Wedding in a Week and Light it up!, and celebrity designer to Jaime Pressley, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Mischa Barton, reminds us of basic guidelines.

Whether your kids are like Sasha and Malia and are starting with a clean slate by moving into a new house or you’re changing around your kids’ current rooms, Erinn says it’s important to start with color. “If the mom wants to outline the color palettes like lavender and gray, lime green and white, this will guide them but still give them opportunities to have fun and go wild.”

Play with polka dots

Let’s face it, your child may not exactly be psyched about picking out new bedding or window treatments so a few bigger items, such as picking the color, should hopefully get them excited and involved. She adds, “Color is really important so have fun with it. You can do a lot with paint that doesn’t cost a lot of money.” For instance, looking for a comfy yet fun look? Go for two bean bags chairs with polka dots or stripes on the walls.

Functionality is key

“Functionality in a kid’s room is incredibly important. They need clothing, storage, etc.” Erinn emphasizes the importance of storage solutions. Whether it’s utilizing space under the bed or using every ounce of closet space, she says this keeps the room extremely organized.

Once the colors are picked out as an outline for the room and functionality is taken into account, quality furniture is also a factor. Her recommendation? Modernnursery. “They have a really nice assortment from beds to chairs. Just a rocker chair makes a room feel really hip.” For key pieces she says it’s completely fine to do online shopping, but for accessories she likes to see it, feel it, and find it in a store.

Pillows, pictures and artwork, oh my!

Accents are the major fun part whether it’s bedding or window treatments. Her advice? “Start at a TJ Maxx or Marshalls and get top quality at 60 percent off designer store prices.” Buy more than you need and return what you don’t end up using. “It’s the thrill of the hunt,” she says and strongly recommends scouting out what’s out there while having fun in the process. For instance, maybe your kids get drawn to cool green and blue paisley desk accessories which will jazz up desks where they do homework.

Mix things up

At the end of the day, she says the color uniforms the room. “Stay within it and it will keep you on track. At the end you’ll say, “Wow, it really came together.”

And just think, in a few years you could keep things together via the colors, but always switch things up by painting a wall a darker shade of one color or changing a rug or getting new bedding. As your child gets older, so will his or her style. “You can even do black and whites of your favorite dog or family photos. Black and white gives the room more of a hip feel and doesn’t cost a lot.”

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