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Twitter: 3 reasons to check it out!

Betsy Bailey

The latest phenomenon to hit the social networking scene is Twitter. Here are three reasons you should give Twitter a try!

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What is Twitter?

Twitter describes itself as a microblogging service where you simply answer the question, “What are you doing?” in 140 characters or less. But of course, Twitter is so much more. Major news outlets and trendy magazine sites (follow @sheknows and @pregnancybaby!) feed their headlines via Twitter accounts. Grocery stores post links to coupons on their Twitter sites. Bloggers notify their followers of new posts on their blogs. Small business owners advertise their wares. And so on.If you’re like me, you’ve been reading about it – maybe even signed up for an account – and really just can’t see what all the hype is about.

What’s the point of Twitter?

When I first signed up last month, I didn’t think too much of it. But then – then! – I discovered that Twitter gets more fun the more you participate. Tweeting with the same group of people you’re already friends with on Facebook is not the point. Where Facebook users tend to go more deep and detailed, Twitter connections are generally more shallow and far-reaching (though you can nurture relationships on Twitter as real as you can anywhere else). Twitter is about mingling with and meeting new people. A very good friend of mine likens Twitter to a cocktail party. When you get to know people well enough, you might invite them for a more intimate dinner party over at your private Facebook account.Twitter got fun for me only after I started actively looking for people like me – moms, entrepreneurs, foodies, knitters, writers and editors and bloggers and dog-owners and book-lovers and movie-watchers and fans of Dr. Who and American Idol and the Internet, and, and… well, WOW, I started having a grand old time!Twitter is like being in a gigantic chat room filled with diverse people. You build your community, so you likely have at least one thing in common with each of them (even if it’s just a passion for Tweeting). Tweet about whatever you want, reply to other tweets that catch your fancy. Your twitter community can be as mundane or as supportive or as inspirational as you want it to be.Suffice to say, I am now among the converted (and addicted!).

3 reasons you should try Twitter!

Here are just three of the many reasons you should give twitter a try:

You’re a mom (or a dad or a grandparent)

There are a TON of tweeting moms. This is one active group of ladies – socializing, seeking and offering advice, supporting – good stuff. Go to,  search the terms #gno or #twittermoms and start connecting!

You’re an entrepreneur

Another active group on Twitter and with good reason. Hook up with other entrepreneurs for support and advice. Better yet, network within your market and connect with future customers. You don’t want to spam people or otherwise be annoying, but it’s okay to share links to your products, special offers and contests from time to time.

You have a blog…

…and you want people to read it! Find those people you have something in common with and tweet away. The more you tweet and interact with others, the more you’re “building your brand” on Twitter. Ultimately, this means more blog readers and eventually a loyal following.

Do you twitter?

What other reasons for trying Twitter can you share? How have you you benefited from this social networking tool?

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