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7 Home organization products

Be honest: Is your home starting to look like a disaster area? If you’re looking for home organizing ideas to help clear your clutter, these seven products will get your home organization off to a great start.

Kids’ Room:

Backpack Rack
Get kids out the door faster every morning with the help of this simple backpack rack. It easily clips onto a door or mounts onto any wall, and holds backpacks, hats, clothing, and more – all in one handy place for the kids to grab before heading off to school. Try it in their bedroom, on the back door to the garage, etc.
Jokari, $7.99


Universal Toothbrush Holder
Now you can finally store toothbrushes of all sizes neatly together – your big electric toothbrush, your spouse’s regular one, and even your kid’s chubby character brush. This clover-shaped, universal toothbrush organizer is easy to clean, and comes in various colors.
CloverHolder, $15.99 and up


Kitchen Folio
This kitchen storage solution is made especially for parents, so you won’t have to keep class schedules, sports schedules, class lists, and other important papers clumped on the fridge door or stuffed in an kitchen drawer. Use the tabs and heavy plastic sheet protectors to organize everything by child or activity.
momAgenda, $37


The Space Bag
Triple your storage space with these air-compression bags that press clothing down flat. You’ll be able to put away out-of-season clothes without them taking up valuable real estate in your closet. They work especially well for bulky items, like winter sweaters.
New West Products, $7.99 and up


The Doorganizer
Stop the morning madness by keeping essentials ready to go. The Doorganizer hangs on the doorknob and has multiple pockets to hold small items. It’s great for purse-less Dads who are always looking for their keys, Blackberry, and sunglasses. Or, use it to hold things that kids need in the morning, like signed permission slips.
Mommy Track’d, $14.99

On the Go:

Grocery Coupon Organizer
Ready to lose that overstuffed coupon envelope? Instead, try this handy item keeps your coupons categorized (with tabs!) so you can easily flip to what you need in each store aisle, and then pull them out at the cash register with no hassle. Not to mention, it attaches to your shopping cart handle with Velcro.
Jokari, $5.79


Wheeled Hamper
If you don’t use these already, you might want a couple. None of us are getting any younger, and hauling laundry baskets or dragging hampers to your laundry area (or for apartment-dwellers, the laundromat) can do a number on your back. Save all that with this hamper that wheels around like luggage.
Rubbermaid, $36.99

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