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Long-wearing makeup

How many nights have you left the house looking flawless only to return looking like a horror-movie extra? While a few shots too many may spell disaster for your balance and, um, dignity, it doesn’t have to be apocalyptic for your makeup, too. Celebrity makeup artist Kela Wong has proven her master skills on the likes of Alicia Keys, Salma Hayek and Sandra Bullock — and now she shares her pro tips and tricks with you.



Prime time
Foundation, as it turns out, isn’t the foundation of a long-lasting makeup routine. For makeup that will stay on as long as you stay out, Wong says to start by moisturizing your entire face and neck. She uses Elizabeth Arden’s Prevage Moisturizer.

Applying primer is a step most of us skip, but it’s integral to the longevity of your makeup. Wong recommends Skin Prep FX Primer by Cover FX. “The primer ensures even coverage, and helps foundation glide on,” she explains. “At the same time, it gives makeup incredible staying power, whereas without a primer, makeup tends to be absorbed and look blotchy halfway through the day.”

The perfect canvas

Now that you’re primed and ready to go, it’s time for foundation. Pick one with long-lasting capabilities — Wong suggests Cover FX. Apply a thin layer with a brush or your middle finger, she says. As for coverage, “It is always better to use less of a product that offers higher coverage than to use more of a product that’s less in coverage.”

Set the foundation firmly in place with a powder. Wong recommends Mineral Veil by Bare Escentuals for this. And for your cheeks? Try cream powder blushes by Sally Hansen.

Eye drama

Nighttime makeup is all about the eyes — but high-drama eyes easily can turn into high time for a touchup. As with the rest of your face, use a primer to help keep your eye color in place. “Color will be true to the palette and will not fade or crease up,” says Wong. She stands by M•A•C Eye Primer.

Once you’ve got the primer in place, you can ramp up the color. Wong recommends Bare Escentuals eyeshadows. “[They are] made from minerals and are long lasting but gentle enough for sensitive skin types,” she explains.

Top your eye makeup look off with mascara. Wong advises two coats of Elizabeth Arden’s Ceramide Lash Extending Mascara in Black.

Finishing touches

For your lips, try Cargo lip glosses. “[They] are lightweight and long wearing without that sticky goo feeling,” says Wong.

And as for the rest of your skin, she suggests Sally Hansen’s Body Glow spray to finish your completely radiant look.

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