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20 Gifts we don’t want

When it comes to gift giving, it’s the thought that counts… unless you’re thinking about gifting one of the turkeys below. In that case, you should probably just stay home and send an e-card. Seriously, it’s better that way.

These 20 gifts are better left un-given

Towels/bedding with the gift giver’s initials on them.

Whatever we gave you last year…in the same wrapping paper.

Sweaters with reindeer, poinsettia, or 3-D pom-poms.

Anything you grabbed last minute at the gas station, e.g., air freshener, bag of pistachios, road map of New Jersey.

A framed picture of your kids—I’m not their grandma.

Anne Geddes anything.

Books from the self-help aisle at Barnes & Noble, e.g., The Bipolar Disorder Survival Guide.

A homemade coupon book of “favors.”

As Seen on TV personal-hygiene gadgets, e.g., Ped Eggs, Kinoki foot pads.

Plug-in air fresheners: More insult than gift.


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