Top 25 best reasons why living solo is so in style

I’m not knocking the benefits of having roommates. Living with girlfriends means double the closet, oodles of accessories, Sunday Funday, and someone to gab to after a bad date. But in 2009, I have a theory living solo as a single girl may just be more fabulous than having a roommate. Here are 25 of the best reasons why living solo means living in style.

Happy Woman on Couch

Flair freedom

1. Decorate the living room any way you like. Whether you want vintage artwork, floral upholstery or even college posters that you just can’t part with, there will be no live-in boyfriend or pesky roommate sharing the decorating decision with you. The choice is all yours! So exercise your creative juices.

Not living with Mom anymore

2. Manage the upkeep of your bedroom without judgment. If you’re the messy type, oh well! Keep your room as disorganized, sloppy or meticulously clean as you like. No one will be peeking in with their opinions and shaking their head with disapproval.

Bathroom domination

3. Feel the luxury of getting ready for a date without having to wait for the bathroom to be free. When Thursday night rolls around, the bathroom may just get a little crowded. Perhaps you have a two-bathroom apartment and think you’ll hardly be inconvenienced by a roommate. But if you have a one-bathroom home, you’ll likely be duking it out for shower time, bathroom space or an available outlet.

Funny foodie habits

4. Drink wine for breakfast and eat cereal for dinner. No one will judge you for your strange eating and drinking quirks. Who cares if you like Diet Coke with your eggs? And who cares if you don’t cook and eat three Lean Cuisines in a row for dinner? No one will!

What’s mine is not yours

5. Don’t share your valuable kitchen equipment. You bought those pots and pans with your hard-earned money! The best part about that is only you’ll be the one scratching them up and cooking amazing food with those kitchen tools. There’s no anxiety associated with seeing food becoming permanently attached to your pan as it sits in the sink…


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