Fashionable and functional bags for every kind of travel

If you’re like me – living in a city, without a car – of if you’re away from your house so much that you feel like you’re living out of your car, you may end up being a bag lady!

No, not the homeless kind, but the kind who manages to stuff one bag after another full of the things that she needs for the day. Think about how many bags you carry including the gym bag, work bag, purse, and weekend bag. It can be exhausting! And if you’re like me, a lot of those bags are canvas shopping bags or freebies from places where you frequent. This is why we’ve complied a list of functional, fashionable totes to suit your every need!

1. The Catch-All Gym Bag

If you go straight from your apartment to the gym to the office and back, you might end up carrying three bags — definitely not what you want! Instead, opt for this colorful, stylish Lululemon gym bag, which has thought of everything! There’s plenty of room for clothes and essentials, plus it has a spot for your laptop! Genius! Start your holiday shopping and find this chic bag on