How to maximize your wardrobe with accessories

If you are like most women, you can’t spend thousands of dollars on clothes each time the season and trends change but that doesn’t mean you can’t update your wardrobe. By choosing affordable and versatile accessories, you can change up your look while keeping up with what defines chic. As simple additions that can change a look entirely, accessories will help you maximize your clothes and carry them through all seasons. Here are five fabulous must-have accessories.

woman wearing cute accessories

Adding a funky hat, vintage jewelry or unique pair of shoes are great ways to update your wardrobe. Shop at thrift stores, consignment stores or ebay to get fantastic bargains and look for versatile pieces that you can wear to both the office and out on a special date. In other words, don’t just make it go from spring to winter. Purchase accessories that will help your outfits go from day to night.

5 Accessories that will maximize your wardrrobe

Thick sash belt

thick sash belt in deep aqua for versatile fashion

You can pull together any outfit with a thick belt. Wear a sash belt with your favorite little black dress, a tunic or even over your blazer. Pick a bright color for a dramatic effect; deep hues like blue, red or purple will do the trick. If you have an oversized sweater that is long enough to double as a mini-dress, add a thick belt, colorful tights and a pair of knee-high boots. This is a perfect style for fall and winter seasons. All the while, your new waist belt will pair nicely with a flowing summer dress as temperatures rise.

(Pictured right: Natural wave waist belt, $14.99) 

Oversized patent clucth

versatile black oversized clutch from topshop

Patent leather adds a touch of shine and glamour to any outfit. For a bag that can go from day to night, pick an oversized clutch. Don’t make it so big that it’s overwhelming – just big enough to carry everything you need. Textured patent is really trendy right now, including quilted and snake-embossed leather. To cut costs, select faux patent leather instead of the real thing. A simple clutch that meets all your storing needs, will look lighten your load on hot summer days while still pairing well with your favorite boots for fall.

(Pictured right: TopShop oversized clutch, $100)

Colorful wrapbright scarf by warehouse for seasonal fashion

As the cool weather sets in, add a wrap or a scarf to your everyday wardrobe. Choose fabulous colors like fuchsia, purple, orange and rich chocolate brown. If you are going to wear your wrap often, spring for cashmere. A cashmere wrap is incredibly soft and lasts forever if you take care of it; so the splurge in price will be worth it. In summer and spring find creative, fashion forward ways to wear a scarf. 

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(Pictured right: Warehouse scarf, $35)

seasonal feather statement necklace by Carole

Statement necklace

Whether you chooose a large pendant, a long strand of beads or a chunky choker, that’s up to you. Just make sure your jewelry is bold and beautiful. For a great selection of fun necklaces and other pieces that are incredibly cheap, head to Forever 21. They offer a tremendous selection of jewelry – many items under ten bucks! By wearing statement jewelry, a comfortable jeans and tee get-up is instantly ungraded.

(Pictured right: Carole feather necklace, $14)

Aviator sunglassesaviator sunglasses for versatile fashion

No matter what you are wearing, you can make it chic with a pair of cool aviator sunglasses. You don’t have to spend a fortune on designer glasses either. You can grab a pair or two of for under $20. If you can manage not to break them, splurge a little on a nicer pair. Remember the avaiator design is sleek and chic so come whatever season, you still be shaded in style.

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