Mold your baby’s memories

Your baby is always growing, so his little hands and feet are always getting bigger. In fact, a year after his birth, he will have doubled in size! That means his hands and feet will never be so small, fragile and innocent as they are right now. Just think how special it will be to have a little handprint or baby footprint memento to cherish years from now!

Baby handprint - hand molds

Baby’s first clothes and toys get old, worn out and thrown away. But your baby’s footprint or handprint placed in a mold is something you will keep always.

The first step

Thanks to technology, you have two different keepsake style options — a flat print that shows your baby’s outstretched hand or foot, or a 3-D model that shows his whole fist or foot. Doing it yourself keeps the cost down, too, with kit prices varying from about $10 to $50.

Choose your medium

When selecting a mold or mold supplies, look for molding material that is non-toxic and non-allergenic. If your baby is wiggly — like most! — look for kits that either set quickly (in three minutes or less) or that use clay to form a mold.

And before deciding on a molding medium, think about where you’re planning to display the mold or give it to. If it’s going to be on a shelf, or displayed high enough where kids and pets can’t knock it over, plaster is a very realistic option. If you’re planning on setting this someplace near a natural or artificial light source, crystal, which reflects the light, looks terrific.

Here are some more advantages to baby handprint and footprint mold options:


Baby Handprint

This mold style has a lot of range. Once completed, plaster molds can be displayed in their traditional alabaster color, or finished with a variety of paints. Gold, silver, bronze and antiquing finishes lend an authentic feel to your baby handprint or footprint project. But colored paints, such as pink or blue — or one that matches the color of your baby’s eyes or the nursery — make the mold just as unique as your baby.

Plaster is also the best choice if you’re planning on doing a flat handprint or footprint, because the details of print are better highlighted than with crystal.


Clear crystal 3D mold statuettes (see one here) of your baby’s handprint or footprint are fun and easy to make. It’s also a favorite among grandparents’ wanting to showcase it under lights in their china cabinets. These molds look best when proudly displayed on a mirror base, so all the angles of the tiny mold are visible for you to ooh and ahh over. As a bonus, crystal molds are durable, so your family can cherish the memento for years to come.


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