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Moms rule

Bridget Moynahan on Her Mom Style

Now that you’re a mom (to 6-month-old John Edward Thomas Moynahan), what are your rules for getting dressed in the morning?
The same rules I had before: Don’t forget your underwear. But seriously, you have to be prepared for spit-up on your clothes. And always have a change of shirt in the car — one that blends with spit-up is a good choice!


How has your style evolved since becoming a mom?
It hasn’t, really. I just wear whatever’s still in my closet — lots of V-neck tees, jeans, blazers. But becoming a mom has brought out my feminine side; now I like pieces with blousier, girlier cuts, like the dresses I tried on for this shoot.

What is your go-to everyday outfit?
A pair of jeans, a tank top, and a long-sleeved cotton top over it. I love to layer and I love extra-long sleeves, like longer-than-normal long sleeves. And let’s be honest, as a mom you wear ballet slippers and sneakers most of the time.

What item in your closet have you not touched since you’ve had John?
My patent leather Christian Dior high boots — they’re kind of hard to wear to the park.

What is your most comfortable lounge-around outfit?
There’s this company that I just discovered called Jet. They make cotton sweats that are supersoft. I love wearing them around the house or to work out. Plus, it’s my son’s initials!

Has your son ever caused a wardrobe accident?
Of course he has! How about all the times you don’t know your kid has thrown up and you’ve got it on your shoulders and all down your back? That’s a good one.

Do you have any plans for Mother’s Day?
I have no plans just yet. I’m hoping John will do something for me. Maybe he’ll plan something — like send me some flowers or take me out to brunch. [Laughs] I want to go to Christian Dior, buy something, and write on it “To: Mom. Love, John”.

by Cristina Desposito
Bridget Moynahan costars with Tim Robbins and William Hurt in the movie Noise. 


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Reprinted with Permission of Hearst Communications, Inc. Originally Published: Moms Rule

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