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Boo-tiful home ideas


Get your home ready for Halloween with these decorating tips that will make your home even more boo-tiful.

Halloween your home

I love fall. It’s easily my favorite season, and I try my best to stretch it from the end of August until December. You know how some people love to put up Christmas lights the day after Thanksgiving? Well, I’m the one with the pumpkins on the porch before Labor Day.

Happy fall banner

Every year I make new pieces to add to my decorating collection for each season, so I thought I’d share some of those, along with easy ways to transition your fall decor in and out of spookyville for Halloween. It’s nice to be able to add little touches to my existing fall decor instead of scrapping everything and creating a whole new look for a couple of weeks.


My trick to getting extra mileage from your decorating arsenal is to find some items you love in neutral colors. I know that sounds strange, but neutral pieces can be dressed up in so many ways. Take this foam pumpkin, for example. I loved the shape, but the bright orange is just too… orange.

I bought it with the intention of giving it a makeover — you’ll see how in a minute. I should add that I totally classify metallics as neutrals. Gone are the days when silver clashed with bronze or copper. Mix and match — it’s more fun! I start bringing out my metallics in the fall and carry them through winter until spring.

White semigloss spray paint took my prize pumpkin from campy to refined in about 15 minutes. See how he plays nicely with his smaller metallic friend in the photo above?

Some faux bittersweet acts as a placeholder until I can get my hands on the real deal later in the season. One of the new additions to my stash is the chalkboard bunting: scrapbook paper, black foam pieces painted with chalkboard paint and lace ribbon.

Seasonal front porch

Speaking of chalkboard paint, it’s second to none when it comes to flexibility in decorating! Try a few coats on a foam pumpkin to personalize your porch.

Fall front porch

Other all-season-long items that make great porch eye candy are lanterns, mums, and vines or twigs. I made the grapevine arch this year. It was super easy and free, thanks to my neighbor who has a little, um, overgrowth problem on her property.

Transitioning into October

Now when October comes around, a few easy additions and changes can give your fall decor a spook factor that hints at Halloween — without ghosts, bloody body parts or skeletons.

transistion into Halloween

Changing the bunting to say “Halloween” instead of “Happy Fall” is the first step in my transformation (yes, I totally planned that in advance). Chalk paint makes bunting so versatile! Try using burlap fabric or more neutral paper for a look you can use year round.

halloween bunting

Some paper cutout bats tied with thread to the branches already changes the look, as did the addition of three gothic candlesticks from my stash.

I spray-painted some faux ivy black and replaced the bittersweet from my fall display. Did you think there would ever be a purpose for faux ivy? Yeah, me neither.

A slightly creepy raven boots the owl off his pedestal.

halloween update

Angry rat silhouettes from The Dollar Tree transform staircases inside and out.

Mice on stairs

I got a little help from my cat, Magic, to illustrate the power of the chalkboard pumpkin. Be afraid!

chalkboard pumpkin

There you have it, all my secrets to decorating for the best season ever. I hope I’ve inspired you to put a little glam in your decor stash this season with some metallics.

More tips

For more decorating tips and tricks, DIY adventures and projects that make you go, “You made that out of what?” visit my blog.

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