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Save money decorating with artificial flower arrangements

Beautiful artificial flower arrangements can be an inexpensive, simple and fun way to add pizazz to your decor! It’s really as easy as 1-2-3.

Any container can blossom into the perfect space filler adding sparkle to a room. Just remember three things:

  1. It’s Inexpensive: It shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg.
  2. It’s Easy: You don’t need to be a professional florist.
  3. It’s Creative: Use your creative eye for whatever is pleasing to you.

Start with a container

Remember the number one rule when selecting your container: It should be inexpensive! Scour yard sales, flea markets, thrift shops and even Granny’s dusty garage. You’ll be amazed at what interesting items you’ll find. You might catch sight of a pretty metal storage tin, straw box, pitcher, coffee cup, teapot or even an old hat. Any item with even the smallest space has potential for a lovely floral arrangement. My only suggestion is stay away from clear or open containers that will reveal the plastic stems.

Visualizing colors

Decide on a room and location for the floral arrangement. Take the empty container to its future home on a table, on the floor, or tucked into a small space on a shelf. Use your mind’s eye to visualize the colors and types of flowers that would best fit and enhance the room.

Purchasing supplies

Take the container with you to your local craft shop for the flower selection. Do you prefer only one type of flower with a simple filler or a variety of flowers to create a bouquet effect? Let your imagination and personality be your guide. Don’t be afraid to use a combination of silk and dried flowers in your floral arrangement. Keep the room’s color scheme in mind, though the flowers needn’t match exactly.

While at the craft shop, decide if your container is tall enough for the flowers to stand alone or will need to be secured in green floral foam. You may also want to purchase a few feet of colorful fabric ribbon to dress up the arrangement. While buying supplies, remember to keep an eye on prices, since the dollars can add up fast with all those enticing and beautiful flower displays.

Putting it all together

Have your empty container and all your supplies handy on a table. You may need a wire cutter, knife and scissors. With the knife, cut the floral foam to fit your container. Use your creativity to arrange the flowers into a variety of agreeable heights. If needed, the wire cutter will help cut the stems to a workable length. Cut enough ribbon to tie a soft bow around the center or handle of the container.

Now your new floral arrangement is ready for display. Once you see how inexpensive it can be to create attractive artificial flower arrangements that brighten up any room, you’ll be… 1-2-3 on your way to creating many more.

Photo of blue and red artificial flower arrangement credited to Nina Spitzer.

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