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Staying organized will save you time

You’re dressed and hurrying out the door, but – STOP! You can’t find your shoes, or your car keys, or even your coat. Once again, you’re late for work or an appointment because there’s something you can’t find. Sound familiar?

Key Organizer

The solution is a simple no-brainer! You should have places for everything, whether it’s a closet, shelf, table, hook, bowl, or basket. These “homes” or special places for important things can be inconspicuous and even decorative, as long as you remember to use them. It’s important to train others in your household to use them too.

Here are seven no-brainers that will help you leave home on-time.


Find a convenient place near the door to drop or hang car keys the minute you get home. The place might be a hook or a dish on a counter or table. Getting into this habit means you won’t be running around like a banshee looking for keys the next time you leave the house.


While it’s still in your hand, place your briefcase or purse in a closet or cabinet near your key spot. It’ll be there waiting for you the next time you’re headed out the door.


You just got home and that coat is still in your hands… Hang it up! What? No closet by the front door? Then install a decorative coat hanger on the wall near the door or buy an attractive coat rack. You’ll be glad you did when you’re running late for work the next day.


Instead of leaving them under the table, near the sofa, by your desk and in numerous other places where you’ve kicked them off… walk them to the closet where they belong and they’ll be there for you in the morning.

Cell phone

Assign your cell phone a home, too, maybe even where your keys reside. Be sure to return it to the same place every time you use it. This way, you won’t keep calling yourself to find it.


Do you take off your rings at night or when you wash dishes? A cute little dish or bowl on the counter or near the sink makes a convenient drop zone for them. The last thing you want to be doing at seven the next morning is freaking out over where you’ve left your diamond ring.


You’ve taken care of the bills on time; it would be a shame to mail them out late. Leave a decorative basket for outgoing mail with stamps on a counter, piece of furniture or nailed to the wall near the door.

“Sure,” you say, “everyone knows this,” but… Do we remember to do these things? Probably – not. That’s why we still run around in the morning… then end up being late. 

Dedicate yourself to trying this for just one week, and you’ll find it becomes a habit. When everything has a place and you remember to use it, you’ll find you have less stress, frustration, and maybe even have time for a cup of coffee on your way to work.

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