Beauty Look of the Day – The sun-kissed look

When summer fades away, you don’t have to lose your skin’s warm glow. With these simple beauty tips, you can maintain the sun-kissed look well into fall.

Use bronzer

When your tan begins to fade, you can get that summery look with a dash of bronzer. Use a bronzing powder or cream that is just a shade or two darker than your skin tone – you don’t want it to look fake. Using a big fluffy makeup brush or your finger tips, apply the powder on your forehead, nose, chin and tops of the cheek bones. These areas are where the sun hits your face first naturally.  

Apply a sunless tanning lotion

Tanning agents aren’t just for the summer. If you apply a sunless tanning lotion to your face every other day, you can maintain a subtle glow well into the cold weather months. Most of these products contain moisturizers and sunscreen, so you will be hydrating and protecting your skin too.

Wear gold eye shadow

Gold eye shadow or other colors with flecks of gold will add a sparkle to your eyes and a sunny look to your face. Choose a matte gold shadow for daytime and save the shimmers for night. Apply the shadow only to your actual lid, then use a off white eye shadow from the crease to the brow bone to really open up your eyes.

Don’t overdo your makeup

Keep your makeup light. Let the radiance of your skin shine through by using a sheer foundation, light eye shadow, a coat of brown mascara, just a touch of peach blush and a dab of lip gloss.

Skip the lipstick

Instead of dark lipstick, use a shiny clear or pink gloss instead. If you aren’t a fan of gloss, pick up a gold or bronze lipstick rather than deep wintery shades.

Pick a floral fragrance

Even if you start to lose your sun-kissed look, you can still smell like summer by using a light floral or fruity fragrance. Many women turn to heavier scents in the cold weather, but you can maintain the freshness of summer with a light invigorating fragrance.

Highlight your hair

Don’t let your hair grow dark as your natural summer highlights fade away. Instead, head to the beauty salon and get face framing highlights in gold tones to help maintain a sun-kissed look.

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