Recommended colors to paint your walls this fall

Fall is a great time to introduce a pop of expressive yet somewhat subdued color into your home. It’s also a season that lends itself to warm, inviting decorating trends. There are a number of ways to introduce fall’s warm hues into your space as the temperature begins to cool. Painting a room with an unusual color is a key way to do this, and it doesn’t involve a huge time, money or furniture commitment. It’s relatively easy to incorporate what you have already and then just add a few key color accents.

Orange Walls

There’s no easier or less expensive way to make a drastic difference in your home than a DIY paint job. Fall’s best colors translate well onto walls as they are often only a slight shade off from primary hues.

Bold hues

Purples, oranges and reds are the fall colors that we see the most often. Bold purples typically go in and out of fashion from season to season, so this may be a good place to utilize the one-wall trick. Pair with an earthy green to help tone it down.

Warm colors

Oranges have transitioned from bright and playful shades to iterations that conjure up images of ginger and pumpkin. What could be better than to walk into a room and crave a ginger-spice-pumpkin latte? If that doesn’t say fall, I don’t know what does! Accenting oranges with metallic trim or black fixtures gives a particularly trendy of-the-moment look. And don’t worry about the traditional black and orange Halloween colors. Because these orange shades are removed from the primary orange family, you’ll be fine.

red accent wall

Red is a more versatile color that can transition to other seasons and doesn’t typically go out of fashion. Cranberry and crimson are two specific shades that bring to mind Thanksgiving, berry picking and all the best that the season has to offer.

Earth tones

Coupling red hues with mustard or gold tones (a good way to get in a splash of the orange family) grounds this color a bit and provides another dash of unique color for the season.

These are bold colors that typically stand alone and will do quite well being the focal point of the room. If you’ve already got vibrant, inviting décor accents like furniture, rugs or art, you may want to consider introducing a shade of brown to your walls instead.

Brown is a good color to start with if you’re unsure of committing to a more dominant fall color. If you want a more dramatic room treatment, try brown on a ceiling, mixed with neutral side walls, which is a unique approach. When choosing a shade of brown, think hot chocolate, rich coffee beans or a favorite tweed jacket.

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