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Hottest gadgets for the new iPhone 3G

The iPhone is quite possibly the sexiest thing to happen to technology since, well, my MacBook. Slim, sleek, shiny and complex – it’s as enticing as a hot new dating prospect, with none of the complications.

Woman with iPhone

Of course, even the snazziest of the class needs the right accessories – and we’ve found some of the best on the market.

Motorola Automotive Music & Hands-free System

(Available at

Motorola Car T605 Bluetooth

Remember on The Power Rangers, where after the green and pink ranger would hook up, they’d be called back to the command center to learn more about the monster of the week? Then,
they’d gather their rainbow of friends, fight, and end the episode with a snack at the local juice bar. Repeat the following week, until Tommy went evil and came back with a new color

For some reason, this gadget made me super nostalgic for my favorite childhood series. But in a really awesome way: Combining Bluetooth hands-free and stereo profiles, it provides access to digital
music and phone calls directly through your car’s sound system. Each device is in tune with the other, the T605 is designed to pause the music when a call comes in and resume the music when
the call ends. It requires a professional installation, which may slow you down a bit – but it’s totally worth it in the end.

iHome Alarm Clock Radio for iPhone/iPod

iHome Alarm Clock Radio

(Available at

We all know the iPhone allows you to be in style no matter where you take it. Check this out though: With this awesome iHome, you get to wake up in style as well! I love fashion savvy. You set a
playlist on your iPod that can either awaken you (or “zen” you to sleep!) This 4-in-1 device that allows you to sleep, awake, charge and take calls – which is more than I can say for
anyone else in my life.

Kensington Mini Battery Pack

(Available at MacMall, and locations internet-wide)

Kensington Mini Battery PackI tend to do a
lot of roaming around throughout the day – be it market appointments, press briefings, happy hour – and am incredibly dependent on my data feed. For that reason, I love the Kensington
Mini Battery Pack.

This gadget contains the power to charge your iPhone and extends your playtime up to 30 hours of music; 6 hours of video; or 3 hours of talk. The LED battery meter lets you visualize how much juice
you have left!

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