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How to stop eye shadow from creasing

Many women have problems with their eye shadow creasing and fading. This is particularly troublesome as the seasons change and the balance of your skin changes. Here are some easy fixes to keep your eye shadow in place and looking beautiful all day long.

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Use a primer

Eye shadow primer creates the perfect canvas for your shadow. You can use liquid foundation as a primer, but that can get messy. It’s best to buy a product that is specifically designed as a primer. Two products that work really well are Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion and Too Faced Shadow Insurance. Apply the primer to the entire lid and then wait a few minutes before applying shadow.


Skip the eye cream

Well don’t skip it all together. It’s important to use eye cream around your eyes to help prevent wrinkles, but don’t put it on your lids. Eye creams will leave your eyelids oily and puffy because it’s designed to plump and fill in wrinkles. When your lids are too oily, the color tends to crease and fade quickly.


Use loose powder

Apply a dusting of translucent powder to your whole face, including eyelids, before applying your makeup. This will create a dry, smooth base.


Choose powder shadow

Instead of cream eye shadow, use powder instead. Creams tend to crease on oily eyelids and oftentimes fade faster than their powder counterparts. You can use cream if you are layering colors, but try to finish off with a powder shadow.


Make your shadow last

For more tips on how to make your eye shadow last all day, check out this video from Sirvinya. Her eye shadow is simply beautiful. She talks about using a variety of different of products for bases and primers to not only help the shadow last, but also to enhance the color. Read more! 100s of our best beauty tips>>


The products used in the video include:


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