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Transitioning your wardrobe from summer to fall

When summer ends, you don’t have to buy a brand new wardrobe for fall. Instead, you can use some of your favorite versatile summer pieces and team them up with layers and the right accessories as the weather cools down.

Transition from summer to fall

1Multi-purpose your mini skirts


Your mini skirts don’t have to go to the back of the closet come fall. Instead, you can pair a mini skirt with a slouchy sweater, dark tights and knee-high boots for a chic, trendy look. Make sure the fabric is appropriate though. Denim, cotton twill and wool skirts work in the fall and winter. On the other hand, a sheer skirt probably isn’t appropriate. You can also wear your mini skirt over leggings with ballet flats in the fall.

2Layer with light knit sweaters

In the summertime, you may have a couple of thin, knit sweaters that you wear for cool evenings as a cover-up at the pool or in the office when the air-conditioning is too much. For the fall, take your summer sweater and layer it with a tank top or camisole underneath. Wear it over a pair of jeans or wool pants and then add a pair of boots for a fresh, autumn look.

3Keep dresses fresh

Cotton, knit and microfiber dresses can transition easily from summer to fall. If the dress is lightweight, make it a little heavier by layering a cardigan on top. Like the mini skirt, you can wear dark color stockings or boots when the cool weather sets in. Maxi dresses will continue to be popular this fall. Instead of wearing them with sandals, add a kitten heel slingback or a ballerina flat.

4Do it with accessories

You can completely change the look of an outfit with the right accessories. Add a wool scarf or wrap along with a beret. Choose fall colors such as plum, burgundy, forest green, chocolate brown and gray. You can also pick plaids, animal prints, dark florals and other graphic patterns.

Change your handbag from the woven one you have been carrying all summer to a darker, leather bag for the fall. Select deep colors and bags with a lot of buckles, studs and other hardware for some bulk. Jewelry can also make a difference. Instead of the colorful, chunky beads of summer, wear gemstone jewelry for fall. Thick cuff bracelets are also terrific options for statement jewelry.

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