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Carry fashion’s torch

This summer’s biggest athletic event may be held on the other side of the world, but you don’t need to quickly snab tickets to Beijing for August 8th to see the top competitors battle for the gold at the 2008 Olympics. Featuring 28 sports and 302 events, the 16-day celebration of the strongest and fastest isn’t just about witnessing exciting games, such as archery and wrestling. It”s also about sporting the right couture that pays tribute to the participating teams. Whether you’re rooting for your favorite players or looking for some quick tips on this fall’s hottest trends, these Olympic-inspired threads will make anyone look and feel like a winner.

Woman in Front of American Flag

Be Bold With Gold

You don”t need to be an athletic superstar to deserve your own gold metal. Summer is all about bronze and golden accessories that’ll accentuate cool-white shirts for those steamy days out. Fortunately, there’s no need to sling too-heavy bling around your neck. For an eco look that reigns supreme, Catherine Weitzman’s small coral earrings in 18K gold over sterling silver are cast from real delicate coral fans found in the sea, an ideal gift for stylish swimmers. Since heavy metal pendants can look overdone, Tiffini Doori’s 24K gold vermeil necklace is elegant with no neck strain guarantee thanks to its thin, round disc set with three 1-point diamonds. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so why deny yourself a prize that’ll last forever?

Red, White, and Ooh La La!

Oh say can you see what a great Anne Cole Bathing Suitbod you have? If you still haven’t made time to stop by the beach this summer, make plans to show off the results of working out throughout the a year just like the athletes do. Competitors have no choice, but to show off their chiseled, beautifully sculpted figures while running, swimming, and cycling. Although you may be laying on white sand and only lifting a finger for that coconut cocktail, a bathing suit with the patriotic colors of red, white, and blue lets others know that you’re a confident woman who isn’t afraid to skip basic black for bold colors. Even if you’ve been secretly eating extra low-fat pudding cups, the right bathing suit can easily create an hourglass figure. Anne Cole’s classic halter swimsuit is a sexy one piece in fire-engine red with white stripes around the bust that’ll keep all eyes on you. As the contestants at the Olympics prove each year, less is more during any physical activity.

Dress for Success

The most popular events held after the Olympics are those exclusive parties to celebrate the winners. While you may not be able to get on those super-secret guest lists, you could help celebrate with bombshell dresses in our nation’s shades. has about 72 dresses and blouses that range from a sparkly sapphire tube top to a deep V-neck white empire gown. Best of all, you don’t need to go in debt for that Nicole Miller crimson strapless dress for a night out on the down because gowns run as low as $20. This sale will help give shoppers the determination to purchase chic couture in honor of the sports being presented overseas.

Shield Eyes With Cool Armor

Olympic contestants often rely on sunglasses for powerful winds and blazing sun rays, which can prevent them from seeing while competing. However, this doesn’t mean thAviator Glassesat those owl-eyed glasses sold on street corners are going to help athletes keep their eyes on the prize. The US Olympic Sailing Team is relying on Kaenon Polarized eyegear known for their lenses that reduce glare, helping to combat haze and fog. While Kaenon Polarized may help prevent pollutants hitting the eyes, the 23 pairs offer distinct looks to everyone. Jetty’s slick, boxy frame in black unleashes our inner Bono, while the Basis in antique silver are similar to aviators, originally made popular by the army during the late ’30s. If sunglasses were an essential tool to help soldiers fight World War II, then they’re good enough to help competitors battle Mother Nature’s unpredictable weather and make viewers proud of their team. Sports have never looked this good!

Look Like No One Else

The Olympics is all about showing off your talents, spreadshirtso why not reveal your creative side with a basic shirt? Forget spending months learning how to perfectly design a t-shirt by hand, all you need is a computer and some ideas that’ll illustrate your pride for the Olympics. allows you to create comfy t-shirts and hoodies made of soft cotton that are ideal for working out at the gym or hanging out with girlfriends. All you have to do is select the type of shirt, a color, and then upload an image. Once you’ve perfected your custom-made top, will ship it straight to your door in two days. Ladies may want to consider a Jersey shirt in tulip pink with the Olympic Games’ official interlocking rings, symbolizing the five parts of the world. All it takes is a blank canvas and imagination to become a self-made designer in time for one of the most highly anticipated events in the world.

Bring a Sexy Back

Forget leggings and grungy plaid shirts, leotards are back from Studio 54. If there’s one thing gymnasts are best known for doing in fashion, it’s creating stylish trends that always make a comeback. Madonna made leotards cool again in 2006 when she sported a smoky purple piece with a lavender corset during the Grammys, which was banned from Malaysian television for being too racy. For the 2008 Olympics, you can model a tight-hugging leotard with dodger blue skinny jeans, creating natural curves like a runway dancer. Jozette for Mirella is the latest high-fashion collection that offers a rose red long sleeved hooded playsuit with shorts or a blue steel pleated leotard with thin spaghetti straps. Who says that gymnasts are the only ones that can entice in tights?

Ride Into the Fall

One of the many popular games viewed at the Olympics is the Equestrian events where riders and their majestic horses leap, prance, and even trot along to music Field Bootsas crowds watch in awe. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Edwardian, lady-of-the-manor attire is expected to be one of this Fall’s trends where soft tweed jackets, high-collar blouses, and hip-hugging crème pants are the ultimate signs of high-class style. Ariat, the official sponsor for the Equestrian Team offers English apparel preferred by the riders from this year’s festivities, including beige Fairfax front zip pants made with stretchy premium cotton that can be used everyday or in the show ring. A classic trophy hunt coat in autumn”s brown plaid fits snugly around the waist, creating a sophisticated cinched figure minus a girdle. As the weather begins to cool down, women can set aside the peep-toe pumps for leather riding boots preferred by Michelle Williams and Kate Moss that are cropped below the knee. Ariat’s Maestro field boots form leaner, longer legs in seconds and can be worn with jeans, skirts, and khakis. With sophisticated riding gear, Arabic stallions aren’t the only ones getting attention for their beauty.

Remember ladies, this year’s Olympics may end as quickly as it arrived, but don”t miss these fashion delights that makes working out look like a breeze!

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