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Learning from Olympic style

When you need a break from watching the Olympics in Beijing for hours non-stop, take a couple tips from your TV screen and apply them in an impromptu shopping trip! International unity, national victories and, of course, new clothes- what could be more fun?

Woman in Sailor Suit

Your favorite: Gymnastic

Sport-inspired fashion mantra:
To capture the attention, respect and admiration of both judges and audiences, successful gymnasts have all found the balance between strong, driven athleticism and graceful, mesmerizing femininity. Infuse this ideal when selecting your next ensemble! Pair a straight, solid-colored pencil skirt with a loose floral blouse for a classy, put-together look at the office, or combine your next conservative dinner-party dress with a relaxed, wavy hairstyle and bold, girlie jewelry.
Hands-on tip:
You rarely see a gymnast without their hair pulled back tight! This year, elastic headbands work both at the gym and out and about. Smooth down flyaways and pull back pesky bangs with one of these inexpensive, practical hair accessories. You can purchase one in pretty much any color, and they help out with any occasion!

Your favorite: Beach Volleyball

Sport-inspired fashion mantra:
Summer may be drawing to a close, but August is still a warm month and when watching a sport as sandy and coastal as this one, it’s definitely tempting to keep a few summer fashion favorites in your day-to-day outfits throughout fall — so go for it! This summer, sheer clothing, wide-leg pants and big, bold jewels rocked the runway, and there’s no reason they can’t stay a staple through September. As for sheer style — try pairing a sheer, neutral sweater with a bold colored camisole or tunic. You’ll still achieve the soft, feminine look as the weather gets colder — but you’ll continue to look polished and appropriate once you’re no longer at the beach! As for wide-leg pants, be sure that these are worn with fitted, comfortable tops¬— a baggy blouse will make your get-up look messy and unflattering. Big, bold jewels you can work however you like¬— just be sure not to over-accessorize! With chunky jewelry, keep it to one or two items per outfit.
Hands-on tip:
For many national teams, beach volleyball uniforms are barely there. You probably don’t want to continue the bikini-bottom and sports bra trend as fall progresses, but you can keep summery shorts a staple as long as you pair them with a conservative top. A crewneck, long-sleeved sweatshirt or top can work well with bottoms that cut-off along the thigh, and the cool-weather top will assure your friends and family that you still know what season it is.

Your favorite: Sailing

Sport-inspired fashion mantra:
Olympic sailors combine fierce strength with a whole lot of teamwork. Different parts of your outfit should do the same! It’s great to own a lot of knockout pieces, but remember not to wear them all at once. It’s best to wear one stand-out item¬— a bold, bright top, or an especially flowy skirt, or a distinctive piece of jewelry — with the rest of your ensemble subtle. A splash of color is always better than a clash of color!
Hands-on tip:
You’ll often see Olympic sailors decked out in polos, and preppy is still in for fall. Don’t be afraid to break out your collared tops, pearly jewels and pleated skirts past August — these are still in style until autumn begins to turn into winter.

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