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Create a relaxing space

If you spend a lot of time at home, whether working or taking care of the household and kids, it can sometimes feel like you’re trapped. You need a place to get away! We’ll show you how to create the perfect escape where you can read a book, take a nap and kick your feet up for a while. Follow these tips and soon you’ll have a place to relax right at home!

Woman relaxing on the couch

Keep it simple

To create an in-home getaway, you won’t need a complete room makeover — or even anything exceedingly drastic. Making a few inexpensive changes can make all the difference in how you feel about a space that belongs to you. Just find a spot that’s interruption-free — like a guest bedroom, den or even a large closet — and claim the space as your personal sanctuary.

Soothe with color

Color is a huge factor in setting the mood and tone for a space. Designers and psychologists agree greens and blues have the most calming effect, but soft tones of lilac, coral and even shades of white can also set the stage for a relaxing environment. While trends may come and go, a soothing color scheme will stand the tests of time.

If picking a relaxing color scheme gives you color-anxiety, take the guess-work out of the equation by using a color palette tool like Sherwin Williams Chip It. The Chip It tool allows you to use inspiring photographs from the web to identify the perfect paint color for your space.

Create a cozy nook

Use existing furniture to create a cozy nook on a dime. Place your favorite chair near a window with a good view and add a small side table with a decorative lamp. Top it all off with a plush throw and a few soft pillows, and you’ll have a comfy place to sip your morning coffee, read your favorite book or even enjoy the evening sunset.

1. Dupioni throw pillow with piping (World Market, $13)  2. Medallion flocked lumbar pillow (World Market, $30)  3. Ivory herringbone throw (World Market, $30)

Use your senses

Candles are a great way to inexpensively and easily set a tone for a room. Scents like jasmine and sage are typically calming and soothing because they have warm undertones. Even cinnamon can be soothing in the right context. Citrus scents are known to be invigorating and give a fresh, summery feel to a room.

Find creative ways to incorporate your fragrance into your decor. Place candles in a group atop a decorative dish or fill a beautiful glass bowl with colorful potpourri. You can even use products like Glade oil diffusers or Scentsy flameless candles that fit seamlessly with your home decor, no matter your style.

1. Glade Expressions oil diffuser (, $9)  2. Honey-suckle candle (Crate and Barrel, $20)  3. Timber candles in slate blue (Z-Gallerie, $6 to $18)  4. Scentsy silhouette warmer (, $47)


In a relaxing environment, the less clutter, the better. This means no stacks of paper or anything that distracts you with work, bills, your schedule or pressing deadlines. Use decorative bins, boxes and racks to keep your things tidy and out of sight. For some extra glam, look for storage items with luxurious finishes, such as jeweled, mirrored, beaded and glossed.?

1. Shagreen boxes (West Elm, $24)  2. Marcella tote (Z-Gallerie, $60)  3. Wall-mount magazine rack (, $11)

Escape through nature

This is your place to get away, so leave it all behind, even if it’s only for a few moments. If possible, keep this space free of technology that keeps your mind consumed with tasks. Leave your smart-phone at the door, the television turned off and the phone off the hook! They’ll only interrupt your time to relax.

For an additional soothing touch, surround yourself with nature. Plants are a good way to induce relaxation. Despite size, their presence in a room is invigorating. Every room should have something earth-themed to merge nature with the indoors.

1. Potted papyrus (Crate and Barrel, $119)  2. Potted grass (Crate and Barrel, $11)  3. Potted butterfly succulent (Crate and Barrel, $37)  4. Potted Phaelanopsis (Crate and Barrel, $50)

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