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The reluctant vacationer

It’s almost the middle of summer, and we still have not planned our vacation. Oh we know when the vacation will be, but we don’t know where. Or how. Or I guess even if.

Mom Planning Vacation
We alternate the relative intensity of summer vacations we take. Every other year we travel a little farther afield, often closer to my family and distant hometown. On opposite years we stick closer to home, usually camping within (long) driving distance.  This is a camping year.

Shared campfire memories

Our camping vacations have been some of our best. We all try new things, see things we never thought we would, and are very intensely together, for better or for worse. We also take into consideration everyone’s needs. For example, the hiking and sightseeing options have to be suitable for 12 year old, 8 year old and 4 year old feet, and my husband knows I’ll try something out of my usual comfort zone if our campsites have showers at the comfort stations and we get at least one night in the middle of the trip in a hotel. With a nice deep tub.

Even though I know that we really do need to make the effort to get out of town, get a change of scenery, experience something new as a family, I’m reticent, and I am not even sure why. I could blame it on the general economic state of the country and utterly depressing and draining gas prices, but it’s more than that.

I think I’m just too tired to plan one more thing.

Mom or Travel Consultant?

Some days, a mom’s life seems to be all about planning and enabling everyone in her family to do what they need or want to do. When I think about planning a vacation on top of all the other things I plan for my family, I think about everything it takes to get out the door for that vacation. The gear, the meal planning for the campsites, the laundry and packing, the dog’s kennel, the cat sitters. Don’t forget the itinerary and campsite reservations and other logistics. Does anyone else need a nap? Now I’m not saying my husband doesn’t help in this area. Actually he’s very involved, but it’s just that, like many mothers I know, I’m the one who thinks big picture and overall logistics and planning.

This in total also tells me that I and we really need the break a vacation provides and so must somehow, some way find the energy to plan this vacation and do it pronto. My husband and kids need it, too, Even with the dreaded work of planning, we could really use the time to reconnect with each other away from all the day to day stresses and demands of our life.

So I just have to do it. Suck it up. Sit down at the computer with my husband one evening soon (very soon!) and figure out the location and the campsites, the mid-trip hotel, the kennel reservation, stop the mail and the paper, and all those big bits. The details will fill themselves in, but the major bits will be there. I’ll do it, I really will.

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