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Look years younger and healthier with a lateral brow lift

It’s becoming a must-have among the Hollywood set (and nope, we’re not talking about the latest Louis Vuitton bag!). Rather, starlets seeking a beauty boost are all about the lateral brow lift, a minimally-invasive procedure that lifts the outer ends of the eyebrows only and works to widen the eyes, smooth small wrinkles in the forehead, and remove crow’s feet.

Brow LiftBut A-list celebs aren’t the only ones going in for the nip and tuck. Thousands of women across the country are seeking out plastic surgeons to lift their fallen arches and smooth out sagging skin. In fact, among the millions of cosmetic surgeries performed each year, lateral brow lifts are one of the most requested among women ages 35 to 65. Here’s more about this eye-opening procedure.


Just what causes the eyebrows to droop, anyway? Blame gravity. Over time, skin loses its elasticity, and all of that stretching and sagging allows the brows to drop down below their ideal resting place, which is just above the bone of the upper eye socket. And as the brows drop, so do the surrounding areas of the face, bringing about dreaded crow’s feet, furrowed foreheads, and folding or “hooding” of the skin around the eyes. Women seeking to rid themselves of this excess skin while gaining a feminine, gently arched brow are prime candidates for the lateral brow lift.


Like over plucking of the eyebrows, a too-tight lift can make you look surprised all the time. Just take a look at these celebrities and you’ll see the startled look some overambitious brow lifts can produce. But because lateral brow lifts focus only on the outer aspect of the eyebrow (as opposed to pulling up the entire forehead), the results are subtle, yet the procedure still gets rid of crow’s feet, smooths out the forehead, and even tightens the skin around the cheeks.


And among the brow lift procedures that work to lift your fallen arches, the lateral lift is the least invasive. In this procedure, the surgeon makes tiny incisions near the temples at your hairline, then uses an endoscope (a tiny video camera with fiberoptic lighting) to pull the outer ends of the eyebrows back to their ideal position. Your brows are then secured in place by sutures hidden along your temple hairline, which are removed within a week.

Typically performed in an outpatient facility, lateral brow lifts take about two hours to perform under local anesthesia (although you may elect to have either deep sedation or general anesthesia) and require minimal recovery time. Most ladies are able to return to their daily activities just days after undergoing a lateral brow lift.


Like all surgeries, a lateral brow lift has its risks, though they are quite low. There is always the concern about an adverse reaction to anesthesia as well as a chance of infection or potential damage to the facial nerves that help naturally elevate the brows.

While the chances of these incidents actually happening are extremely rare, you will still want to find a respected plastic surgeon who is accredited by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.


Not willing to go under the knife? Try this trick for an instantaneous lift: Sweep a pale pink or pearl highlighter across the brow bone just below the eyebrows (try DuWops’ Browwow). This will create the effect of a lifted arch and detract from dark circles underneath your eyes, too.

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